List of people who died in traffic collisions

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This list contains notable people who have been killed in traffic collisions. This list does not include those who were killed competing on closed road events whether in motorsport or in competitive cycling events. Passengers of a vehicle are indicated in parentheses on the "mode of transport" field.


Name Born Died Aged Nationality Notability Mode of transport Vehicle Location Details
Magomed Abdulaev 1961 2023 61 years Russian lawyer and politician pedestrian Makhachkala, Russia Abdulaev was hit by a car and killed while crossing the street outside the crosswalk.
Norifumi Abe 1975 2007 32 years Japanese motorcycle racer scooter Yamaha XP 500 TMAX Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan Collision with a truck, which made an illegal U-turn in front of him, when he was riding his motorcycle.[1][2]
Anand Abhyankar 1965 2012 47 years Indian actor car Suzuki Wagon R Pune, Maharashtra, India [3]
Danielle Adams 1982 2021 39 years Canadian politician car Thompson, Manitoba, Canada
Frank Adams 1930 1989 58 years British mathematician car Brampton, Cambridgeshire, England, United Kingdom
Olubayo Adefemi 1985 2011 25 years Nigerian footballer car Kavala, Greece Adefemi was driving on Egnatia Odos when he collided with another vehicle.[4]
Adegoke Adelabu 1915 1958 42 years Nigerian politician car Lagos–Ibadan Expressway, Nigeria
Nick Adenhart 1986 2009 22 years American baseball pitcher car Mitsubishi Eclipse Fullerton, California A drunk driver ran a red light and hit the car in which Adenhart was a passenger, driving it into a light pole.
Adrian Adonis 1953 1988 34 years American professional wrestler minivan Lewisporte, Newfoundland, Canada Two other passengers in the vehicle in which he was riding – professional wrestlers Pat Kelly (Victor Arko) and Dave McKigney – died in the same crash, caused when the car struck a moose on a highway and spun into a tree at over 80 km/h (50 mph).
Emmanuel Kwasi Afranie 1943 2016 73 years Ghanaian football coach car Suhum, Ghana
Simonluca Agazzone 1981 2020 39 years Italian footballer car Carpignano Sesia, Italy
Bruno Agostinelli 1987 2016 28 years Canadian tennis player motorcycle Toronto, Ontario, Canada Agostinelli lost control of his motorcycle and collided with a car.[5]
Ipče Ahmedovski 1966 1994 28 years Macedonian singer car Mercedes-Benz A124 Šopići, Yugoslavia Ahmedovski died in 1994 on Ibarska magistrala near Šopići, crashing his speeding Mercedes into a truck.[6][7]
Carl Albert 1962 1995 32 years American musician for Vicious Rumors car
Martin Aldridge 1974 2000 25 years British footballer car Peugeot A45, England, United Kingdom After being an unused substitute in a game for Rushden & Diamonds, he was travelling home toward Northampton on the westbound A45 road after the game when he collided with a BMW travelling in the opposite direction.[8]
Ben Alexander 1971 1992 20 years Australian rugby league player car Colyton, New South Wales, Australia He was driving while intoxicated.
Alexandra 1942 1969 27 years German singer car Mercedes-Benz W128 Tellingstedt, Germany While going on a holiday, Alexandra collided with a truck and was killed instantly whereas her son, one of the two passengers, survived with minor injuries and Alexandra's mother, the other passenger, died at the hospital.
Steve Allen 1921 2000 78 years American actor, songwriter, author car Encino, California Died from a heart attack that was found to have resulted from a condition known as pericardial effusion. The crash caused a blood vessel in his chest to leak blood into the sac surrounding his heart. His death occurred several hours after the crash, from which he suffered no immediate apparent injuries.
Duane Allman 1946 1971 24 years American guitarist for the Allman Brothers Band motorcycle Harley-Davidson Sportster Macon, Georgia Allman lost control of his motorcycle when he tried to avoid an oncoming truck that unexpectedly stopped in the middle of an intersection while turning left in front of him. He was thrown from the motorcycle, which landed on him and skidded with him under it, resulting in fatal internal injuries.
Yasser Al-Masri 1970 2018 47 years Jordanian actor car Zarqa, Jordan Al–Masri descended a slope leading a bus in his car, lost control, and crashed, dying on the spot.[9]
Mahmadu Alphajor Bah 1977 2016 39 years Sierra Leonean footballer car Freetown, Sierra Leone He collided with an oncoming truck.[10]
Andrei Amalrik 1938 1980 42 years Russian writer car near Guadalajara, Spain Amalrik swerved out of his lane on a wet road and hit an oncoming truck. A piece of metal, most likely from the steering column, embedded in his throat, instantly killing him. His wife and the two other passengers in the car suffered only minor injuries.
John Anderson 1944 1986 42 years American race car driver car near Charlotte, North Carolina Crash occurred on Interstate 85.
Eric Andolsek 1966 1992 25 years American football player stationary Thibodaux, Louisiana Andolsek was working in the front yard of his home when a semi-trailer truck ran off the highway and hit him.
Jen Angel 1975 2023 48 years American writer pedestrian Oakland, California She was robbed in a bank parking lot and fatally injured by the fleeing vehicle.
Vanessa Angel 1993 2021 27 years Indonesian actress, model, and singer car (passenger) Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Jombang, East Java, Indonesia Angel was in a SUV travelling on Nganjuk-Surabaya Toll Road with 4 others. Her husband, their toddler, the toddler's nanny, and the driver. The driver was reportedly drowsy and lost control, slamming into the concrete divider on the side of the toll road. Vanessa and her husband died at the scene. Siska Lorensa, the nanny, sustained serious injuries. The driver, Tubagus Joddy, and Vanessa's son suffered minor injuries.
Theo Angelopoulos 1935 2012 76 years Greek film director pedestrian Drapetsona, Greece He was hit by a motorcycle driven by an off-duty police officer while crossing a busy road. Hospitalized, he was treated in an intensive care unit, but succumbed to his injuries several hours later.
Jack Anglin 1916 1963 46 years American country music singer; one half of the duo Johnnie & Jack car Madison, Tennessee Died in crash en route to funeral of Patsy Cline.
Álex Angulo 1953 2014 61 years Spanish actor car Fuenmayor, La Rioja, Spain [11]
Rob Anker 2017 27 years British dancer (member of Diversity) car Chevy Cobalt Canada [12]
Jackson Anthony 1958 2023 65 years Sri Lankan actor and film director car Sri Lanka Anthony experienced complications from injuries in a July 2022 traffic collision. After coming from filming, Anthony was driving when he collided with a wild elephant. Anthony had two passengers in his vehicle, his brother Saman, and another person. Anthony died 15 months after the collision at National Hospital in Colombo.
Atsushi Aoki 1977 2019 41 years Japanese professional wrestler motorcycle Tokyo, Japan Aoki collided with the side wall of an expressway in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo.
Cristiano Araújo 1986 2015 29 years Brazilian singer and songwriter car (passenger) Range Rover Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil At approximately 3:30 am, the vehicle (driven by his bodyguard) veered off the road and rolled over. Araújo was traveling in the back seat with his girlfriend, who died at the scene, and was not wearing a seat belt. He died en route to the hospital.
Troy Archer 1955 1979 24 years American football player car North Bergen, New Jersey
Nike Ardilla 1975 1995 19 years Indonesian rock singer and model car Honda Civic Genio Bandung, West Java, Indonesia She lost control and hit a wall.
Silvana Armenulić 1938 1976 38 years Bosnian singer car Ford Granada Kolari, Smederevo, Yugoslavia The car was reportedly travelling 130 km/h (80 mph), when it collided with a FAP truck. Her sister, Mirjana Bajraktarević, died in the same crash.[13]
Reg Armstrong 1926 1979 52 years Irish motorcycle racer motorcycle Avoca, County Wicklow, Ireland
Sándor Arnóth 1960 2011 51 years Hungarian politician car Bag, Hungary [14]
Arputhan 1971 2023 52 years Indian film director car Chennai, India
Carlos Arruza 1920 1966 46 years Mexican bullfighter car Toluca, Estado de Mexico, Mexico
Kevin Ash 1959 2013 53 years British motorcycling journalist motorcycle BMW R1200G5 George, Western Cape, South Africa [15]
Don Ashby 1955 1981 26 years Canadian ice hockey player car Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada Collided head-on with a pickup truck and died.
Georgi Asparuhov 1943 1971 28 years Bulgarian footballer car Bulgaria
Basil al-Assad 1962 1994 31 years Syrian eldest son and heir of president of Syria car Mercedes-Benz Damascus, Syria While driving his car at high speed through fog in the early hours of the morning, Basil is said to have collided with a motorway roundabout while not wearing a seat belt, and he died instantly.[16][17][18]
Astrid of Sweden 1905 1935 29 years Swedish Queen of the Belgians car (passenger) Packard One-Twenty convertible Küssnacht am Rigi, near Lake Lucerne, Schwyz, Switzerland As the Queen pointed out something on a map to her husband, the car went off the road, down a steep slope, and slammed into a pear tree. Queen Astrid's body was ejected from the car and collided with the trunk of the tree, while the car slammed into a second tree.
Artie Atherton 1890 1920 31 years American Skeleton Man pedestrian Pontiac, Michigan Suffered a punctured lung from the collision[19]
Frank Attkisson 1955 2017 61 years American politician bicycle St. Cloud, Florida [20]
Pascale Audret[21] 1936 2000 63 years French actress car (passenger) Brive-la-Gaillarde, Corrèze, France
Seriki Audu 1991 2014 23 years Nigerian footballer car Bauchi State, Nigeria
Sukhraj Aujla 1968 2013 45 years Indian singer car [22]
Miangul Adnan Aurangzeb 1961 2022 61 years Pakistani politician car between Islamabad and Abottabad, Pakistan
Lauri Aus 1970 2003 32 years Estonian professional cyclist bicycle Tartu, Estonia Aus was struck by a truck during a workout session.[23]
Theyab Awana 1990 2011 21 years Emirati footballer car Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates [24]


Name Born Died Aged Nationality Notability Mode of transport Vehicle Location Details
Roland Baar 1965 2018 53 years German rower car Velpke, Germany [25]
Kane Hamidou Baba 1954 2021 67 years Mauritanian politician near Atar, Mauritania After the crash occurred, Baba was airlifted to a hospital in Spain, where he died from his injuries.
Éric Babin 1959 2021 61 years New Caledonia politician motorcycle New Caledonia
Sammy Babitzin 1948 1973 24 years Finnish singer car Alfa Romeo Route (Valatie) 13, Hietama, Äänekoski Babitzin travelled in a speeding car en route to a concert. The driver lost control on an icy bridge and crashed. The bridge was covered with a plywood material instead of tarmac and was known by locals as a hazardous location. Three people died, a hitchhiker survived.[26][better source needed]
Bhinod Bacha 1943 2023 80 years Mauritian civil servant pedestrian Quatre Bornes, Mauritius Bacha was in a parking lot of a supermarket heading to his apartment when a car driven by a 53 year old man hit him head on. The vehicle did not stop causing Bacha to be trapped underneath. Witnesses had to lift the car to get Bacha out. The driver was arrested for the incident.
Pape Badiane 1980 2016 36 years French basketball player car Frontenay-Rohan-Rohan, France Badiane died in a car crash.[27]
Mirsada Bajraktarević 1951 1976 25 years Bosnian singer car Ford Granada Kolari, Smederevo, Yugoslavia The car was reportedly travelling 130 km/h (80 mph), when it collided with a FAP truck. Her sister, Silvana Armenulić, died in the same crash.
Tarnia Baker 1967 2017 50 years South African politician pedestrian Park Rynie, South Africa Struck by a truck while walking across a street.[28]
Christian Bakkerud 1984 2011 26 years Danish retired racing driver car Audi RS6 Putney Heath near Wimbledon Common Investigations ongoing.[29][30]
Alper Balaban 1987 2010 22 years Turkish footballer car Karlsruhe, Germany [31]
Abdul Hai Baloch 1946 2022 76 years Pakistani politician car near Bahawalpur, Pakistan Baloch met a road crash on his way to Bahawalpur and died on impact.
Shahlyla Baloch 1996 2016 20 years Pakistani footballer car Karachi, Pakistan [32]
Harry Bamford[33] 1920 1958 38 years England footballer motorcycle Bristol, England, United Kingdom Collided with a car. He remained in the hospital for three days before finally dying from his injuries on October 31.
Maurice Banach 1967 1991 24 years German footballer car Opel Omega Kombi Autobahn near Remscheid, Germany
Armand Joel Banaken Bassoken 1983 2023 39 years Cameroonian footballer motorcycle Indonesia
Lisa Banes 1955 2021 65 years American actress pedestrian New York City, New York She was killed in a hit and run.
Ian Bannen 1928 1999 71 years Scottish actor car Renault Laguna Knockies Straight, Scotland, United Kingdom With his wife driving, hit a verge and the vehicle overturned.
Jill Banner 1946 1982 35 years American actress car Toyota Ventura Freeway, California Her car was hit by a truck on Ventura Freeway. She was thrown from the vehicle and died at North Hollywood's Riverside Hospital.
Yoshiaki Banno 1952 1991 39 years Japanese astronomer and co-discover car
Gerhard Barkhorn 1919 1983 63 years German World War II Luftwaffe fighter ace car Cologne, Germany Crashed during a winter storm killing his wife and fatally injuring himself.
Junior Barnard 1920 1951 30 years American Western swing and jazz guitar player car Fresno County, California
Jancarlos de Oliveira Barros 1983 2013 30 years Brazilian footballer car
Véronique Barrault 1958 2022 64 years French actress motorcycle (passenger) Camblanes-et-Meynac, France The motorcycle she was a passenger on hit a vehicle in a town south of Bordeaux. While Barrault died, the driver of the motorcycle did not need to be evacuated from the vehicle and survived the crash.
Roland Barthes 1915 1980 64 years French philosopher pedestrian Paris, France Hit by a laundry van while walking home from a lunch party hosted by François Mitterrand.
Alan Barton 1953 1995 41 years British singer for rock band Black Lace tour bus Cologne, Germany The tour bus crashed during a hailstorm.
Sam Basil 1969 2022 52 years Papua New Guinean politician car Papua New Guinea
Daniel Batman 1981 2012 31 years Australian sprinter car Darwin, Northern Territory [34]
Stiv Bators 1949 1990 40 years American Dead Boys and The Lords of the New Church singer pedestrian Paris, France Struck by a taxi in Paris during a bank holiday. He was taken to a hospital but reportedly left before seeing a doctor, after waiting several hours and assuming he was not injured. Reports indicate that he died in his sleep as the result of a concussion.
Jeff Batters 1970 1996 25 years American ice hockey player pickup truck Trans-Canada Highway Canmore, Alberta, Canada Driving the wrong way down a highway access ramp at 4 am, the pickup truck drove off the road and rolled. Batters was ejected and crushed by the truck. Another passenger, 18-year-old Sherri Kalan, was also killed. The police could not determine who was driving, so all charges were dropped.
Eileen Battersby 1958 2018 60 years American literary critic car Drogheda, Ireland Battersby was critically injured in a single-vehicle crash and died later in hospital.[35]
Orson Bean 1928 2020 91 years American actor pedestrian Los Angeles, California Bean was struck and killed by two vehicles after trying to cross a street.[36]
Carl Beane 1952 2012 59 years American radio announcer SUV 2004 Suzuki Sturbridge, Massachusetts Beane suffered a heart attack while driving and crashed his car into a tree.
Brad Beckman 1964 1989 24 years American football player car Lilburn, Georgia In icy conditions, the driver (Jeff Modesitt) bumped the rear of another vehicle and skidded into the northbound lanes of the interstate. When the driver got out to inspect the damage with Beckman still sitting in the car, a tractor-trailer rig slammed into the side of the car killing Beckman instantly and critically injuring Modesitt.
Bill Beckwith 1975 2013 38 years American TV show host motorcycle San Francisco, California [37]
Martin van Beek 1960 2018 58 years Dutch politician car Leersum, Netherlands [38]
Ena Begović 1960 2000 40 years Croatian actress car Jeep Grand Cherokee Postira, Croatia Died from injuries sustained during a vehicle rollover. The vehicle she was in was stopped on a steep hill and started moving while the driver and front passenger were outside, tumbling onto the roof of a building below.[39]
Rachid Belhout 1944 2020 76 years Algerian football player and manager car Nancy, France [40]
Chris Bell 1951 1978 27 years American Big Star musician car Triumph TR7 Memphis, Tennessee Died in a car crash while on his way home from a band rehearsal. He lost control of his vehicle and hit a light post causing it to fall on him, crushing and killing him.
Bella Bellow 1945 1973 28 years Togolese pop singer car Togo
Vasile Belous 1988 2021 33 years Moldovan boxer car Călărășeuca, Moldova
Jesse Belvin 1932 1960 27 years American Rhythm & blues singer car Hope, Arkansas
John Bendor-Samuel 1929 2011 81 years British evangelical missionary, Bible linguist car Studley Green Bendor-Samuel died in hospital after a car crash near his home in Studley Green.
Billel Benhammouda 1997 2022 24 years Algerian footballer car Benhammouda was involved in a crash after winning a friendly match against Congo earlier in the day. Although the crash itself was not deadly for Benhammouda and his friend, the vehicle burst into flames, trapping and killing them.
Ethel Benjamin 1875 1943 68 years New Zealander lawyer (a first female lawyer in the British Empire to represent a client) pedestrian Middlesex, England Benjamin died in hospital after being struck by a vehicle.[41]
Cedric Benson 1982 2019 36 years American football player motorcycle Austin, Texas Collided with a minivan.
Shlomo Bentin 1946 2012 65 years Israeli neuropsychologist bicycle Berkeley, California Hit by a truck.[42][43]
Lamont Bentley 1973 2005 31 years American actor car Mercedes-Benz Simi Valley, California Exited the highway at high speed, ran a stop sign, went through a chain-link fence, rolled down an embankment, was ejected through the moonroof and run over by five other vehicles.
Irina Berezhna 1980 2017 36 years Ukrainian politician car Zadar County, Croatia [44]
Bob Berg 1951 2002 51 years American jazz saxophonist car East Hampton, New York He collided with a cement truck that skidded on ice.
Chu Berry 1908 1941 33 years American jazz saxophonist car Conneaut, Ohio
Jean-Marie Berthier 1940 2017 77 years French poet car [45]
Gerry Bertier 1953 1981 27 years American football player car 1980 Oldsmobile Charlottesville, Virginia He was on his way home from a business trip when he collided with a drunkard.
John Berylson 1953 2023 70 years American businessman and football club chairman SUV Range Rover Falmouth, Massachusetts Berylson lost control of his Range Rover, supposedly on a bend, rolling into the ravine, ultimately being found by emergency personnel upside down against a tree. Berylson was cut out of the SUV but succumbed to his injuries at the scene.
Bob Bethell 1942 2012 69 years American politician car Wabaunsee County, Kansas [46]
Nicholas Bett 1990 2018 28 years Kenyan track and field athlete (hurdler) SUV Toyota Prado Nandi County, Kenya Bett lost control of his vehicle, hit a bump, and landed in a ditch, killing him instantly.[47]
Kalika Prasad Bhattacharya 1970 2017 46 years Indian folk singer car Hooghly district, West Bengal, India [48]
Jaspal Bhatti 1955 2012 57 years Indian actor car Jalandhar, Punjab Died when the car in which he was a passenger struck a roadside tree.[49]
Stefano Bianco 1985 2020 34 years Italian Motorcycle racer motorcycle Honda CBR600 Leinì, Italy Collided with a truck that failed to yield when turning left, and struck a second oncoming vehicle[50]
Piotr Bikont 1955 2017 62 years Polish journalist, publicist, culinary critic, theatre director car Sosnowiec, Poland [51]
Ondrej Binder 1970 2016 46 years Slovak politician car Banská Štiavnica, Slovakia [52]
Ryan Birch 1969 2013 43 years British judoka car The Bahamas [53]
Rob Bironas 1978 2014 36 years American NFL kicker car GMC Yukon Denali Nashville, Tennessee
Maria Bitner-Glindzicz 1963 2018 55 years British geneticist bicycle London, United Kingdom [54]
Black (singer), real name Colin Vearncombe 1962 2016 53 years British singer-songwriter car near Cork Airport, Ireland Died in hospital a few weeks after the crash.[55]
Steven Blackford 1977 2004 28 years American wrestler car Jeep Brush, Colorado
J. Stuart Blackton 1875 1941 66 years American film producer pedestrian Los Angeles, California Hit by a car while crossing the street with his son and died a few days later.
Dairon Blanco 1992 2020 28 years Cuban footballer car Cienfuegos, Cuba
Calvin Blignault 1979 2010 30 years South African mechanical engineer motorcycle Port Elizabeth, South Africa He was hit from behind by a car while stationary at a red light.[56]
Garen Bloch 1978 2018 39 years South African cyclist bicycle Johannesburg, South Africa [57]
Douglas Blubaugh 1934 2011 76 years American wrestler motorcycle Tonkawa, Oklahoma
Larry Blyden 1925 1975 49 years American actor car near Agadir, Morocco Blyden's rental car reportedly went off the road and overturned, and according to his manager, suffered injuries to the chest, head and abdomen. He underwent surgery but died of his injuries on June 6. On the audio commentary for the 2009 DVD of What Makes Sammy Run?, Blyden's co-star Barbara Rush claimed that Blyden had been carjacked by bandits and killed.
Bill Boaks 1904 1986 81 years British political campaigner for road safety bus United Kingdom Boaks was injured in a minor road traffic crash while getting off a bus. His death in hospital two years later was the result of complications from the head injuries sustained.
Tony Boeckel 1892 1924 31 years American baseball player car San Diego, California
Cris Bolado 1969 2017 47 years Filipino basketball player motorcycle Phnom Penh, Cambodia [58]
Marc Bolan 1947 1977 29 years British T.Rex musician car (passenger) Mini 1275GT Queens Ride, Barnes Common, southwest London, England Driver was girlfriend Gloria Jones.[59]
Franco Bonvicini "Bonvi" 1941 1995 54 years Italian comic book artist pedestrian Citroën Pallas Bologna, Italy Hit by a car while crossing the street
Chua Boon Huat 1980 2013 33 years Malaysian field hockey player car truck Petaling Jaya, Malaysia [60]
D. Boon 1958 1985 27 years American The Minutemen musician van Tucson, Arizona He was sleeping in the van while sick with a fever when the crash occurred.
Stephanie Booth 1946 2016 70 years British hotelier car Corwen, Denbighshire, Wales, United Kingdom [61]
Patrick Bosch 1964 2012 47 years Dutch football car Denekamp, Netherlands [62]
Günter Böttcher 1954 2012 58 years German Olympic handball car Bad Neustadt, Germany [63]
Saafi Boulbaba 1986 2022 36 years Tunisian footballer Borj El Amri, Tunisia
Luc Bourdon 1987 2008 21 years Canadian Ice hockey player motorcycle Suzuki GSX-R1000 Lamèque, New Brunswick Ran into the back of a tractor-trailer after losing control of the motorbike.
Thomas Bourgin 1986 2013 26 years French motorcycle racer motorcycle Calama, Chile
Peter "Possum" Bourne 1956 2003 47 years New Zealander rally driver car Subaru Forester Race to the Sky track, Cardrona, New Zealand During course inspection, Bourne collided head-on with the Jeep Cherokee of a competitor, who was later charged with dangerous driving.
Lee Bowers 1925 1966 41 years American witness to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy car Midlothian, Texas His car left an empty road and struck a concrete abutment near Midlothian.
Ethan Boyes 1978 2023 44 years American cyclist bicycle San Francisco, California He was sent to hospital with life threatening injuries after a driver hit him outside Presidio Park.
Charlie Bradberry 1982 2006 24 years American race car driver truck Chelsea, Alabama He was returning home from working on his racing vehicles when the fatal crash occurred.
Dennis Brain 1921 1957 36 years British horn virtuoso car Triumph TR2 Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom Was returning home from the Edinburgh Festival when the car collided with a tree.
Jaime Bravo 1932 1970 37 years Mexican Matador car Zacatecas, Mexico
Nino Bravo 1944 1973 28 years Spanish singer and songwriter car BMW 2800 Villarrubio, Cuenca, Spain
Gianni Brera 1919 1992 73 years Italian sports journalist and novelist car Codogno, Lodi, Italy
Jim Brewer 1937 1987 50 years American baseball player car Tyler, Texas Died of his injuries after.
Michel Brière 1949 1971 21 years Canadian NHL player car Mercury Cougar Quebec Route 117, Val-d'Or, Quebec, Canada Crashed his car on May 15, 1970, and was ejected, suffering major head trauma. Died 11 months after the crash without regaining consciousness.
Richard Bright 1937 2006 68 years American actor pedestrian Manhattan, New York City Struck by a bus.
Rolf Dieter Brinkmann 1940 1975 35 years German poet pedestrian London, England Killed in a hit-and-run crash.
Lorenzo Brino 1998 2020 21 years American former child actor car San Bernardino County, California [64]
Jay Briscoe 1984 2023 38 years American professional wrestler car Laurel, Delaware
Nick Broad 2013 38 years English football nutritionist car [65]
Lino Brocka 1939 1991 52 years Filipino film director car Quezon City, Philippines [66]
Jake Brockman 1955 2009 53 years English musician and sound recordist (Echo & the Bunnymen) motorcycle ambulance Isle of Man [67]
Gladys Brockwell 1893 1929 35 years American actress car Ventura Highway near Calabasas, California Male friend driver, who later said he'd been blinded by dust in an eye, went off-road and over a 75-foot (23 m) embankment, she was crushed under the car.
Norman Brookman 1884 1949 65 years Australian politician car South Road, Noarlunga, South Australia Head-on collision with 4t truck.
Herb Brooks 1937 2003 66 years American ice hockey coach, most notably of the gold medal-winning 1980 U.S. Olympic ice hockey team car Interstate 35 in Washington County, Minnesota Believed to have fallen asleep at the wheel. Was not wearing a seat belt.
Boris Brott 1944 2022 78 years Canadian conductor pedestrian Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Brott was reported to have been struck by a vehicle driving on the wrong side of the road on Hamilton Mountain. He was taken to hospital but died from his injuries. A 33-year-old man was arrested for the hit-and-run after a police chase.[68]
Clifford Brown 1930 1956 25 years American jazz trumpeter car (passenger) west of Bedford, Pennsylvania Powell's wife Nancy was driving at night in the rain on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, she lost control of the car and it went off the road.[69] All three people in the car were killed in the resulting crash.
Jerome Brown 1965 1992 27 years American American football player car Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Brooksville, Florida Lost control of his car at high speed and hit a power pole. His nephew, a passenger in the car, was also killed.
Jerry Brown 1987 2012 25 years American football player car Dallas, Texas Brown was a passenger in a car driven by a teammate when it skidded on a highway, hit a curb, rolled several times and caught fire.[70]
Tara Browne 1945 1966 21 years Irish socialite, heir to the Guinness fortune car Lotus Elan South Kensington, London Browne was driving at high speed and failed to stop at a traffic light, colliding with a parked lorry. He died of his injuries the following day. Browne's death is supposedly the source of some of the lyrics of The Beatles' song "A Day in the Life".[71]
Bart Bryant 1962 2022 59 years American golfer
Jefri Al Buchori 1973 2013 40 years Indonesian preacher, singer and actor motorcycle Kawasaki ER-6 Jakarta, Indonesia
Jean Bugatti 1909 1939 30 years French automotive designer car Bugatti Type 57S Tank near Duppigheim, France
Haydn Bunton 1911 1955 44 years Australian Australian rules footballer car near Gawler, South Australia Bunton's car left the road and hit trees. He died in hospital on September 5, 1955, four days later.[72]
Gianluca Buonanno 1966 2016 50 years Italian Politician car Varese, Italy [73]
Václav Burda 1973 2018 45 years Czech Ice hockey player car Mikulčice, Czech Republic [74]
Brandon Burlsworth 1976 1999 22 years American American football player car near Alpena, Arkansas [75]
Bob Burns 1950 2015 64 years American Lynyrd Skynyrd drummer car Cartersville, Georgia He hit a mailbox and a tree on a sharp curve.
Jim Burns 1952 2017 65 years American producer pedestrian New York City Struck by a taxi cab while crossing the street.[76]
Cliff Burton 1962 1986 24 years American Metallica bass guitarist tour bus European route E4 in Ljungby Municipality, Sweden Thrown out of the window and crushed after the bus skidded off the road and landed on its side.
Norman Burton 1923 2003 79 years American actor car Imperial, California, United States Auto crash while returning from Ajijic, Mexico near the California–Arizona state line.
Fred Buscaglione 1921 1960 38 years Italian singer, musician car Ford Thunderbird Rome, Italy collided with a truck
Paul Bush 1956 2023 66-67 years British experimental film director and animator motorcycle Wales
Rasual Butler 1979 2018 38 years American basketball player car Range Rover Studio City, California His wife, singer Leah LaBelle died in the same crash.[77]
Dennis Byrd 1966 2016 50 years American football car Hummer H2 Claremore, Oklahoma [78]


Name Birth Death Aged Nationality Notability Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
Victor Cabedo 1989 2012 23 years Spanish cyclist car Almedijar, Spain [79]
Cadet, real name Blaine Johnson 1990 2019 28 years British Rapper car (passenger) Toyota Prius Betley, Staffordshire Cadet and three friends were travelling to a gig at Keele University in Staffordshire. Their taxi and another car collided and Cadet was pronounced dead at the scene.
Tommy Caldwell 1949 1980 30 years American The Marshall Tucker Band bassist car Land Cruiser Spartanburg, South Carolina
Cosimo Caliandro 1982 2011 29 years Italian middle-distance runner motorcycle Francavilla Fontana, Italy Caliandro died in a motorcycle collision.[80]
Ahmet Yılmaz Çalık 1994 2022 27 years Turkish footballer car Ankara, Turkey
Jason Callahan 1976 1995 19 years American car Emporia, Virginia Victim remained unidentified until December 2015.
Ashley Callie 1973 2008 34 years South African actress car Johannesburg, South Africa Callie was driving home at night after an event. Her car collided with another vehicle at an intersection.[81]
Teofilo Camomot 1914 1988 74 years Filipino Archbishop car San Fernando, Cebu, Philippines Camomot was riding in a car when it collided with another vehicle.[82]
Eric Campbell 1878 1917 38 years British silent screen star and ubiquitous nemesis of Charlie Chaplin car Los Angeles, California
Dan Campilan 1980 2006 25 years Filipino newscaster bus (passenger) Toyota Corolla Quezon City, Philippines Campilan was riding in a GMA bus when it collided with another vehicle.[83]
Albert Camus 1913 1960 46 years French-Algerian writer and Nobel Prize-winner car Facel Vega Villeblevin, France Michel Gallimard, the driver, was also killed.
Leopoldo Cantancio 1963 2018 54 years Filipino boxer motorcycle Bago, Negros Occidental, Philippines [84]
Cornelius Cardew 1936 1981 45 years English composer pedestrian Leyton, London, England Killed in a hit and run incident. The driver of the car was never found.
Steve Cardiff 1957 2011 53 years Canadian politician car Lewes Lake, South Klondike Highway [85]
Àlex Casademunt 1981 2021 39 years Spanish singer, actor, TV presenter car Matarò, Spain
Miquel Roger Casamada 1954 2017 62 years Spanish composer car Vilagrassa, Spain
Marcus Cassel 1983 2006 23 years American football player car Santa Monica, California
José Castillo 1981 2018 37 years Venezuelan baseball player (infielder) car (passenger) Yaracuy, Venezuela The car he was riding in hit a fallen rock and went off the road.
Renato Cecchetto 1951 2022 70 years Italian actor moped Rome, Italy
Martin Čech 1976 2007 31 years Czech ice hockey player car Havlíčkův Brod, Czech Republic The deadly crash occurred in his hometown.
Cecilia 1948 1976 27 years Spanish singer-songwriter car SEAT 124 near Benavente, in Zamora Province, Spain Musician José Luiz Gonzalez also died in the crash.
Andújar Cedeño 1969 2000 31 years Dominican baseball player (shortstop) car Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Mondli Cele 1989 2016 26 years South African footballer car Pietermaritzburg, South Africa Cele died in collision.[86]
Giambattista Cescutti 1939 2023 84 years Italian basketball player and head coach pedestrian Udine, Italy Cescutti was hit by a vehicle while walking in heavy rain.
Rusty Chambers 1953 1981 27 years American football player (linebacker) car Hammond, Louisiana
Sita Chan 1987 2013 26 years Hong Konger pop singer car Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong [87]
Wilma Chan 1949 2021 72 years American politician pedestrian Alameda, California
Chang Yu-sheng 1966 1997 31 years Taiwanese pop singer, composer and producer car Saab 900 Tamsui District, New Taipei City, Taiwan
Kak Channthy 1980 2018 38 years Cambodian singer (member of Cambodian Space Project) auto rickshaw Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Harry Chapin 1942 1981 38 years American musician and film producer car Volkswagen Rabbit Long Island Expressway, New York A truck hit him from behind.
Virgil Chapman 1895 1951 55 years American United States Senator from Kentucky car Washington, DC
Vernal Charles 1985 2013 27 years South African cricketer car Port Elizabeth, South Africa [88]
Sonika Chauhan 1989 2017 27 years Indian actress car Kolkata, India [89]
Ernest Chausson 1855 1899 44 years French composer bicycle Limay, Yvelines, France Collision with wall.
Germán Chaves 1995 2023 28 years Colombian professional cyclist bicycle Chocontá, Colombia Training with his father when they were both hit by a truck. Germán died instantly while his father later died in hospital
Nikolay Chebotko 1982 2021 38 years Kazakhstani cross country skier car Burabay District, Kazakhstan
Yelena Chernykh 1979 2011 32 years Russian actress car Novoanninsky, Novoanninsky District, Volgograd Oblast, Russia Chernykh died in car collision.[90]
Steve Chiasson 1967 1999 32 years Canadian hockey player pickup truck North Carolina Fell out of truck after collision. Was over drink-drive limit.
Merab Chigoev 1951 2016 64 years South Ossetian politician car Tskhinvali, South Ossetia, Georgia [91]
Gwinyai Chingoka 1982 2022 39 years Zimbabwean tennis player pedestrian Harare, Zimbabwe Chingoka was hit by a vehicle on his way home from a private function. Zimbabwean cricket player Tarisai Musakanda was charged in connection to his death.
Ron Chippindale 1933 2008 74 years New Zealander Chief Inspector of Air Accidents pedestrian Porirua, near Wellington, New Zealand Chippindale, who investigated many airplane crashes, most notably the crash of Air New Zealand Flight 901 into Mount Erebus, Antarctica, was struck by an out of control car while walking near his home.[92]
Tim Choate 1954 2004 49 years American actor motorcycle Los Angeles, California [93]
Dugald Christie 1941 2006 either 64 or 65 years Canadian lawyer and political activist bicycle Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada Collision with truck.
Mieczysław Cieślar 1950 2010 60 years Polish theologian and bishop car Przecław, Łódź Voivodeship, Poland [94]
Bob Clark 1939 2007 67 years American film director car Infiniti I30 Pacific Coast Highway, near Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, California Collision with SUV.
Kevin Clark 1988 2021 32 years American child actor and professional drummer Bicycle Chicago Clark was riding his bicycle in Avondale, a neighborhood in Chicago, near a notoriously dangerous intersection in the Northwest Side of Chicago. Clark was struck and killed by a Hyundai Sonata driven by a 20-year-old woman in the early morning. Clark died after being taken to Illinois Masonic Medical Center.
Spencer Clark 1987 2006 19 years American NASCAR driver truck near Albuquerque, New Mexico Truck was carrying a car and fell over.
Tom Clark 1941 2018 77 years American poet pedestrian Berkeley, California Clark was hit by a car while crossing the street. He later died from his injuries.[95]
Terrence Clarke 2001 2021 19 years American college basketball player car Genesis GV80 Los Angeles, California
Claudisabel 1976 2022 46 years Portuguese singer car Alcácer do Sal, Portugal [96]
Judy Clay 1938 2001 62 years American soul and gospel singer car Fayetteville, North Carolina She died a few weeks after a crash.
Sam Cobean 1913 1951 37 years American cartoonist car Schuyler County, New York He lost control and collided into a tree[97][98]
Eddie Cochran 1938 1960 21 years American musician taxi Ford Consul A4 in Chippenham, Wiltshire, England, United Kingdom Taxi blew a tyre and collided with a lamppost. Gene Vincent and Sharon Sheeley, the other passengers, survived the crash.
Ludo Coeck 1955 1985 30 years Belgian footballer car BMW near Rumst, Belgium Collision with Median strip, a.k.a. central reservation.
Alexis Cohen 1983 2009 25 years American actress and American Idol participant Pedestrian Mitsubishi Galant Seaside Heights, New Jersey Killed in a "hit-and-run" incident. The driver of the car, Daniel Bark, was arrested and charged with drunk driving and leaving the scene of a crash.
Felipe Colares 1994 2023 29 years Brazilian mixed martial artist Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Colares was returning from training when he was reportedly hit by a bus. The fire department arrived but Colares died on his way to hospital.
Brian Cole 1979 2001 22 years American baseball player car Marianna, Florida [99][100]
Bonar Colleano 1924 1958 34 years American actor car Queensway Tunnel, Birkenhead, United Kingdom
Alex Collins 1994 2023 28 years American football player motorcycle Lauderdale Lakes, Florida Collins collided with the rear of a SUV making a left turn, causing him to go through the window.
Billy Collins 1961 1984 22 years American boxer car 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Antioch, Tennessee Collision with culvert.[101]
Jerry Collins 1980 2015 34 years New Zealander rugby union player and former All Black car Béziers, France Collision with bus. Partner Alana Madill was also killed however Collins' daughter Ayla survived.
Rob Collins 1965 1996 33 years English musician and keyboardist of The Charlatans car BMW Monmouth, Wales, United Kingdom Was over the drink-drive limit and not wearing a seat belt.
Mike Colman 1968 1994 25 years American ice hockey player car Kansas City, Missouri
Coluche 1944 1986 41 years French comedian motorcycle Opio, Alpes-Maritimes, France Collision with truck.
Amie Comeaux 1976 1997 21 years American country singer car Dodge Avenger near Baton Rouge, Louisiana Car overturned.
Tom Compernolle 1975 2008 32 years Belgian middle-distance runner army truck Zedelgem, West Flanders, Belgium Compernolle died in an accident during an army exercise.[102]
Adam Comrie 1990 2020 30 years Canadian-American ice hockey player (defenceman) motorcycle Leesburg, Virginia
Ashleigh Connor 1989 2011 21 years Australian soccer player car Cataract, New South Wales, Australia
Pete Conrad 1930 1999 69 years American lunar astronaut motorcycle Ojai, California Veered off-road and crashed.
Ryan Dallas Cook 1982 2005 23 years American musician (Suburban Legends) motorcycle Costa Mesa Freeway, near Orange, California Collision with car.
Tom Cooper 1904 1940 36 years English Footballer motorcycle Aldeburgh, England Cooper was out on his despatch motorcycle when he collided with a lorry and was killed. An enquiry took place into his death with the outcome being an order that stated despatch riders were no longer allowed to ride their motorcycles without wearing a crash helmet.[103]
William Coperthwaite 2013 83 years American yurt building car Washington, Maine [104]
Marjorie Corcoran 1950 2017 66 years American particle physicist, professor bicycle train Houston, Texas Collided with a metro train while bicycling.[105]
Diogo Correa de Oliveira 1983 2021 38 years Brazilian footballer motorcycle Maringá, Brazil
Eddie Costa 1930 1962 31 years American jazz musician car New York City
Russell Coughlin 1960 2016 56 years Welsh footballer car Carlisle, Cumbria, England, United Kingdom Coughlin rides in a car when it collided with another vehicle.[106]
Stephen Covey 1932 2012 79 years American author, professional speaker, professor, consultant, management-expert bike Provo, Utah Complications after falling off a bike.[107]
Joy Covey 1963 2013 50 years American business executive bicycle Portola Valley, California Complications after struck by delivery van.[108]
Joey Covington 1945 2013 67 years American musician car Palm Springs, California [109]
Arnaud Coyot 1980 2013 33 years French cyclist bicycle Amiens, France [110]
Kenneth Craik 1914 1945 31 years British philosopher and psychologist bicycle Cambridge, England, United Kingdom Struck by a car while cycling.
Gottfried von Cramm 1909 1976 67 years German tennis player car near Cairo, Egypt
Seymour Cray 1925 1996 71 years American supercomputer architect car Jeep Cherokee Interstate 25 near Colorado Springs, Colorado Collision with another vehicle.
Tonya Crews 1938 1966 28 years American model and Playboy Playmate car [111]
Alan Crosland 1894 1936 41 years American film director car Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California
Bob Cryer 1934 1994 59 years British Labour MP car Rover M1 motorway near Watford, England, United Kingdom Car overturned on motorway. His wife, Ann, survived the crash.
Laurie Cunningham 1956 1989 33 years English footballer car Renault 5 GTI Madrid, Spain Car collided with barrier and overturned.
Joseph Cure 1983 2015 31 years American actor and ice hockey player car Ennis, Montana Slick conditions made for risky driving.
Pierre Curie 1859 1906 46 years French chemist and physicist, 1903 Nobel Prize recipient pedestrian Rue Dauphine, Paris, France Run over by a horse-drawn vehicle.
Greg Curnoe 1936 1992 55 years Canadian painter bicycle Delaware, Ontario, Canada Knocked down by a pickup truck.
Steve Currie 1947 1981 33 years British bassist for T. Rex car Algarve, Portugal
Mac Curtis 1939 2013 74 years American singer car Weatherford, Texas [112]
Ian Cuttler 1971 2014 43 years Mexican art director, photographer & graphic design car Los Angeles, California [113]


Name Birth Death Aged Nationality Notability Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
Jay Dahl 1945 1965 19 years American baseball player car (passenger) GTO Salisbury, North Carolina
Jack Dakin 1996 2016 19 years British drummer of the rock band Viola Beach car (passenger) Nissan Qashqai Södertälje, Sweden All four members of the band died in this crash, along with their manager Craig Tarry.
LaShawn Daniels 1977 2019 41 years American songwriter car South Carolina
Omar Daoud 1983 2018 35 years Libyan footballer car Cyrene, Libya [114]
Vitaly Daraselia 1957 1982 25 years Georgian footballer car Zestaponi, Georgia
Mike Darr 1976 2002 25 years American baseball player car Peoria, Arizona
Betty Jack Davis 1932 1953 21 years American country music singer; one half of The Davis Sisters car near Cincinnati, Ohio Skeeter Davis (no relation), the other half of the Davis Sisters, was seriously injured in the same crash. She recovered and went on to a successful recording career whereas Betty unfortunately didn't survive.
Jimmy Davis 1982 2003 21 years British Manchester United footballer car BMW 3 series M40 motorway in Oxfordshire, England, United Kingdom Crashed into back of truck. Was twice over the drink-drive limit.
Victor Davis 1964 1989 25 years Canadian swimmer, Olympic gold medallist pedestrian Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec, Canada Outside a nightclub in a Montreal suburb, Davis was struck by a car whose driver fled the scene. It was later determined that, due to an earlier verbal altercation with the driver, Davis had walked to the middle of the road and was brandishing a juice bottle toward the car at the time he was struck. Two days later, Davis died of his injuries in hospital. In February 1992, Glen Crossley was found guilty of leaving the scene of a crash and was sentenced to ten months in prison, ultimately serving four months.
Ann Day 1938 2016 77 years American politician car Tucson, Arizona Died in a multi-vehicle crash caused by an impaired driver.[115]
James Dean 1931 1955 24 years American actor car Porsche 550 Spyder near Cholame, California See here
Stelio De Carolis 1937 2017 80 years Italian politician car Meldola, Emilia-Romagna, Italy [116]
Andrea de Cesaris 1959 2014 55 years Italian racing driver motorcycle Rome, Italy Was killed in a motorcycle crash on the Grande Raccordo Anulare motorway in Rome.
Wisse Dekker 1924 2012 88 years Dutch businessman car Zoutelande, Netherlands [117]
Roger Delgado 1918 1973 55 years British actor car Republic of Turkey Delgado died on location in Turkey while shooting an episode of French TV show La cloche tibétaine (Bell of Tibet). Two Turkish film technicians were killed in the same crash.
Jonathan Delisle 1977 2006 28 years Canadian ice hockey player car Beauce, Quebec, Canada
Dorothy Dell 1915 1934 19 years American actress car (passenger) Altadena, California Driver hit a telephone pole, bounced off a palm tree, and finally hit a boulder. Dell was killed instantly while the driver died hours later.
Miguel Del Toro 1972 2001 29 years Mexican baseball player (pitcher) car Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, Mexico
Andy DeMize 1983 2009 25 years Mexican-American musician; drummer for the band Nekromantix car 1972 Chevrolet Nova outside Fullerton, California He lost control and hit a tree causing the vehicle to catch fire.
Willie Dennis 1926 1965 39 years American jazz trombonist car New York City
Joe DeSa 1959 1986 27 years American baseball player car Cayey, Puerto Rico
Tony Destra 1954 1987 32 years American glam metal musician; drummer for Cinderella car Pennsylvania
Brandon deWilde 1942 1972 30 years American actor camper van Denver, Colorado He went off the roadway, struck a guardrail and then a parked truck. Not seat-belted, he was then pinned in the wreckage as the camper rolled onto its side. He later died of his injuries in the hospital.
Kazimierz Deyna 1947 1989 41 years Polish footballer car BMW San Diego, California
Rudy Dhaenens 1961 1998 36 years Belgian cyclist car Aalst, Belgium He died in a car crash on his way to the start of the Tour of Flanders.
Arnold Diamond 1915 1992 76 years British actor car Bournemouth, Dorset, England, United Kingdom Died from injuries after being knocked down.
Diana, Princess of Wales 1961 1997 36 years British member of British royal family car (passenger) 1994 Mercedes-Benz S280 W140 Pont de l'Alma road tunnel, Paris, France See here
Sandra Dianne 1994 2020 25 years Malaysian singer car Haval H1 Putrajaya, Malaysia
Mike Dickin 1943 2006 63 years British radio DJ car Bodmin, Cornwall, England, United Kingdom
Joel DiGregorio 1944 2011 67 years American keyboardist for Charlie Daniels' band car Cheatham County, Tennessee He was driving on Interstate 40 to meet with the band at their tour bus when the fatal crash occurred.
Lou DiMuro 1931 1982 51 years American baseball umpire[118] pedestrian Arlington, Texas
Nh. Dini 1936 2018 82 years Indonesian novelist taxi (passenger) Toyota Avanza Semarang, Indonesia The taxi she was riding in collided with a truck.[119]
Mlondi Dlamini 1997 2017 20 years South African footballer car KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa [120]
Alfred Dobbs 1882 1945 63 years British politician car Doncaster, England, United Kingdom Dobbs' car was in collision with a military vehicle.
Marshall Dodge 1935 1982 47 years American humorist bicycle Waimea, Hawaii He was struck by a motorist.
Ian Stuart Donaldson 1957 1993 36 years British neo-Nazi musician car Volkswagen Polo near Burnaston, Derbyshire, England, United Kingdom
Françoise Dorléac 1942 1967 25 years French film actress car Renault 10 A8 autoroute near Villeneuve-Loubet While en route to Nice airport, Dorléac lost control of her car, which collided with a signpost and burst into flames. A witness saw her struggling to escape and tried to help, but the flames engulfed the car and she burned to death.
Ibrahim Dossey 1972 2008 36 years Ghanaian footballer car Breaza, Romania The crash occurred on September 13, 2008, putting him in a coma until his death three months later.
Dee Dowis 1968 2016 48 years American football car Gwinnett County, Georgia [121]
Danielle Downey 1980 2014 33 years American professional golfer single-car Lee County, Alabama [122]
Brian Drebber 1950 2018 68 years American sportscaster for Speed motorcycle Canton, Georgia While en route to an airport, he hit a deer and died.[123]
Bridget Driscoll 1852 1896 44 years British The first pedestrian victim of an automobile crash in the United Kingdom.[124] pedestrian Crystal Palace, London One of the earliest recorded road crash victims.
Piero Drogo 1926 1973 46 years Italian racing driver and coachbuilder car Ferrari 250 California Bologna, Italy Crashed into a broken down truck in a tunnel; both were unlit.[125]
Alexander Dubček 1921 1992 70 years Slovak politician car BMW 535i D1 highway near Humpolec, Czech Republic Car veered off-road.
Gus Dudgeon 1942 2002 59 years British record producer car Jaguar XK8 M4 motorway between Reading and Maidenhead in England, United Kingdom Car veered off-road.
Fred Duesenberg 1876 1932 55 years American automobile pioneer, designer and manufacturer car Duesenberg Lincoln Highway near Jennerstown, Pennsylvania Car overturned. Duesenberg died in hospital after being comatose for three weeks.
Boet van Dulmen 1948 2021 73 years Dutch motorcycle racer bicycle Ammerzoden, Netherlands Collided with a van.
Glenn Dunaway 1914 1964 49 years American race car driver car near Camden, South Carolina He died at a train crossing.
Isadora Duncan 1877 1927 50 years American dancer car Amilcar Nice, France Strangled by scarf getting tangled in rear wheel of open-top sports car. Thrown out onto road, died instantly.
Joey Dunlop 1952 2000 48 years British motorcycle racer motorcycle Tallinn, Estonia Died in an open-road race.[126]
William Dunlop 1984 2018 33 years Irish motorcycle racer motorcycle County Dublin, Ireland [127]
Ryan Dunn 1977 2011 34 years American reality television personality and daredevil (MTV's Jackass) car Porsche 911 GT3 Chester County, Pennsylvania Collided with tree. Was twice over the drink-drive limit.[128]
Junior Durkin 1915 1935 19 years American actor car (passenger) San Diego, California While returning home from a hunting trip in Mexico, the driver swerved to avoid a collision and crashed at the side of the road. Several other passengers also died.
Al Dvorin 1923 2004 81 years American Elvis Presley concert announcer car near Ivanpah, California


Name Birth Death Aged Nationality Notability Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
Dave Early 1957 1996 39 years British drummer (Sade) car Ireland
Mark Eaton 1957 2021 64 years American basketball player bike Park City, Utah
Donald Eccles 1908 1986 77 years British actor car Brighton, England, United Kingdom
Paul Edmondson 1943 1970 27 years American baseball player car Santa Barbara, California
Jerry Edmonton 1946 1993 47 years Canadian drummer for rock band Steppenwolf car Santa Ynez, California
Colin Edwards 1991 2013 21 years Guyanese footballer motorcycle Georgetown, Guyana [129]
Mike Edwards 1948 2010 62 years British Electric Light Orchestra cellist van Devon, England, United Kingdom Edwards was killed on the A381 road between Harbertonford and Halwell near where he lived in Totnes in Devon when a cylindrical hay bale weighing 1,300 pounds (590 kg) rolled down a hillside and collided with the van he was driving.
Bjarte Eikeset 1937 2017 80 years Norwegian politician car Eikefjord, Norway Collided with an RV.[130]
Martín Elías 1990 2017 26 years Colombian singer car Sincelejo, Colombia [131]
Kevin Ellison 1987 2018 31 years American football player car [132]
Jimbo Elrod 1954 2016 62 years American football player car Chandler, Oklahoma [133]
Edem Ephraim 1959 1996 36 years British singer and one half of the London Boys car Eastern Alps, Austria His colleague, Dennis Fuller, also died in the head-on collision with a drunken Swiss.[134]
Chit Estella 1957 2011 53 years Filipina journalist and professor bus (passenger) [135]
Greg Evers 1955 2017 62 years American politician car Okaloosa County, Florida [136]


Name Birth Death Aged Nationality Notability Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
Pål Arne Fagernes 1974 2003 29 years Norwegian athlete (javelin) car European route E6 near Moss, Norway Collided with a truck.
Jock Fahey 1911 1936 24 years Australian Australian rules footballer Bicycle between Numurkah and Wunghnu, Australia Struck by a vehicle returning to his home in Wunghu.
Falco 1957 1998 40 years Austrian rock musician SUV Mitsubishi Montero Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic Collided with a bus.
Jessica Falkholt 1988 2018 29 years Australian actress car Sydney, New South Wales, Australia She was a passenger in a two car collision which also took the lives of her parents, sister and the driver of the other vehicle. Falkholt died in hospital 22 days later.[137]
Oussama Falouh 1999 2023 24 years Moroccan footballer car (passenger) Casablanca, Morocco The car Falouh was in crashed into a large truck. He had multiple brain haemorrhages, a broken neck and thorax. After being in a coma for almost a month, he succumbed to his injuries.
Housseyn Fardjallah 1993 2016 23 years Algerian weightlifter car [138]
Giuseppe Farina 1906 1966 59 years Italian inaugural Formula One world champion car Lotus Cortina Chambéry, France [139]
Richard Fariña 1937 1966 29 years American musician and writer motorcycle Carmel Valley Road, Carmel, California Motorbike veered off-road.
Richard Farrell 1926 1958 31 years New Zealander classical pianist car Arundel, Sussex, England, United Kingdom
Turk Farrell 1934 1977 43 years American baseball pitcher car Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England, United Kingdom
John R. "Bo" Farrington 1936 1964 28 years American football player car Volkswagen Beetle Rensselaer, Indiana[140][141] Teammate Willie Galimore also died in the crash when they were ejected from the vehicle as it rolled multiple times.
Dodi Fayed 1955 1997 42 years Egyptian companion of Diana, Princess of Wales car 1994 Mercedes-Benz S280 W140 Pont de l'Alma road tunnel, Paris, France Fayed was traveling with Diana, Princess of Wales at the time of the crash. Both were killed in this crash along with the driver of the car, Henri Paul; Fayed's bodyguard, Trevor Rees-Jones survived.
Further reading: Death of Diana, Princess of Wales
Dan Fegan 1961 2018 56 years American basketball agent SUV bus near Aspen, Colorado [142]
Cheo Feliciano 1935 2014 78 years Puerto Rican composer and singer singer-car San Juan, Puerto Rico [143]
Mike Fellows 1957 2016 58 years American politician car Missoula County, Montana Fellows collided with another vehicle.[144]
Torsten Fenslau 1964 1993 29 years German record producer, DJ (Culture Beat) car Mercedes-Benz 500SL Landesstraße 3097, Near Messel, Hessen, Germany Fenslau lost control of his car, causing it to roll several times before coming to rest in a field. Not seat-belted, he was thrown from the vehicle, dying in the hospital a short time later.
Scott Fenton 1964 1989 24 years Australian basketball player car Honda Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Alberto Fernández 1955 1984 29 years Spanish road racing cyclist car near Aranda de Duero, Burgos Province, Spain His wife was also killed in the crash.
Rommel Fernández 1966 1993 27 years Panamanian footballer car near Albacete, Spain His cousin, Ronny Rojo, survived the crash.
Pietro Ferrero Jr. 1963 2011 47 years Italian businessman bicycle Camps Bay, South Africa [145]
Amela Fetahović 1986 2021 35 years Bosnian footballer car Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Peter Fisher 1950 2018 67 years British physician bicycle High Holborn, London, United Kingdom [146]
Aaron Flahavan 1975 2001 25 years English footballer car BMW sports car near Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom
Jeff Fletcher 2014 36 years British indie rock musician (Northern Uproar) pedestrian Stockport, England, United Kingdom He was hit by a lorry and was decapitated.
Zenon de Fleur 1951 1979 27 years British guitarist for rock band The Count Bishops car Aston Martin London, England
Ibrahima Fofana 1952 2010 57 years Guinean trade unionist car Fria, Guinea
Jack Foster 1932 2004 72 years New Zealander marathon runner bicycle Rotorua, New Zealand
Arthur Fox 1924 1953 29 years Australian Australian rules football player motorcycle Mildura, Victoria, Australia
Charley Fox 1920 2008 88 years Canadian RCAF fighter pilot car Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada [147]
Stan Fox 1952 2000 48 years American racing driver van Desert Road, south of Auckland, New Zealand
Danny Frawley 1963 2019 56 years Australian Australian rules footballer car Millbrook, Victoria, Australia
Pete de Freitas 1961 1989 27 years Trinidadian drummer (Echo & the Bunnymen) motorcycle Longdon Green, England, United Kingdom Collided with a motor vehicle while on his way to Liverpool from London.[148]
Pat Frink 1945 2012 67 years American basketball player car Tucson, Arizona [149]
Frankie Frisch 1898 1973 74 years American baseball player car Wilmington, Delaware Frisch died from injuries sustained in a car crash in Elkton, Maryland one month earlier.
Marcelo Fromer 1961 2001 39 years Brazilian musician for rock band Titãs pedestrian São Paulo, Brazil He was hit by a motorcyclist while jogging.
Norman Fruchter 1937 2023 85 years American writer and academic pedestrian New York City Fruchter died January 4, 2023 of injuries sustained on December 22, 2022 when a driver who was speeding in reverse backed into him on 68th Street in Bay Ridge while he was walking home.
Dennis Fuller 1959 1995 36 years Jamaican singer and one half of London Boys car Eastern Alps, Austria His colleague, Edem Ephraim, also died in the head-on collision with a drunken Swiss.[134]
Terry Furlow 1954 1980 25 years American basketball player car Linndale, Ohio Cocaine and Valium were found in his system.
Mduduzi Fuzwayo 1986 2023 36 years Zimbabwean cricketer car Zimbabwe


Name Birth Death Aged Nationality Notability Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
Gary Gabelich 1940 1984 43 years American land speed record holder motorcycle Long Beach, California Collision with truck.[150]
Rino Gaetano 1950 1981 30 years Italian singer-songwriter car Volvo 343 Via Nomentana, Rome, Italy Collision with truck.
Gennadi Gagulia 1948 2018 70 years Abkhazian politician car Myussera, Abkhazian [citation needed]
Bryan Gahol 1977 2014 36 years Filipino basketball player van Nissan Urvan Escapade South Luzon Expressway, Philippines [151] He and Manalo were declared dead upon arrival at the hospital.[152]
Wahome Gakuru 1966 2017 51 years Kenyan politician car Thika, Kiambu County [153]
Willie Galimore 1935 1964 29 years American football player car Volkswagen Beetle Rensselaer, Indiana Teammate John R. "Bo" Farrington also died in the crash when they were ejected from the vehicle as it rolled multiple times.
Niccolò Galli 1983 2001 17 years Italian footballer motorcycle Bologna, Italy Collided with Median strip, a.k.a. central reservation.
Julio Gallo 1910 1993 83 years American winemaker car near Tracy, California Car veered off-road.
Rosman García 1979 2011 32 years Venezuelan baseball player (relief pitcher) car Aragua, Venezuela
Scott Garland 1952 1979 27 years Canadian ice hockey player car Montreal, Quebec, Canada Blew a tire, lost control and hit a wall.
Juan Garriga 1963 2015 52 years Spanish Grand Prix motorcycle racer motorcycle Spain
Patrick Gasienica 1998 2022 24 years American ski jumper motorcycle Bull Valley, Illinois
Bob Gassoff 1953 1977 24 years Canadian ice hockey player motorcycle near Villa Ridge, Missouri Head-on collision with car.
Antoni Gaudí 1852 1926 73 years Spanish architect pedestrian Barcelona, Spain Struck by a tram and died from his injuries three days later.
Janet Gaynor 1906 1984 77 years American actress car San Francisco, California The crash occurred in 1982 in San Francisco, California when a van ran a red light and crashed into the vehicle that Janet, her husband Paul Gregor, actress Mary Martin and her manager were in. Janet died of her injuries two years thereafter in a Palm Springs, California hospital along with pneumonia and other ailments.
Mike Gazella 1895 1978 82 years American baseball player car Odessa, Texas
Jeremy Geathers 1986 2017 30 years American football player limousine Las Vegas, Nevada [154]
Giuliano Gemma 1938 2013 75 years Italian actor car Civitavecchia, Italy Two passengers died in car crash.[155]
Bill George 1929 1982 52 years American American football Hall of Famer van Rockford, Illinois Mr. George was driving eastbound on Illinois 72 when a tractor-trailer struck his van at an intersection.[156]
Ifeanyi George 1993 2020 26 years Nigerian footballer car Abudu, Nigeria Ifeanyi, a teammate, and a friend all died in the fatal car crash.
Mat George 1995 2021 26 years American podcast host pedestrian Los Angeles He was killed in a hit-and-run crash.
Vladimir Gerasimov 1989 2018 28 years Russian footballer motorcycle Zhejiang, China [157]
Melody Gersbach 1985 2010 24 years Filipina beauty pageant contestant bus (passenger) Bula, Camarines Sur, Philippines Gersbach was riding in a bus when it collided with a vehicle.[158]
Marie-Christine Gessinger 1992 2010 17 years Austrian fashion model car (passenger) Volkswagen Golf Austria Struck a tree at 150 km/h in a 100 km/h limit zone.[159]
Ghazi of Iraq 1912 1939 27 years King of Iraq 1933–1939 car Baghdad, Kingdom of Iraq Ghazi died in 1939 in a mysterious crash involving a sports car he was driving.[160] Some believe he was killed on the orders of Nuri as-Said.
Ray Gibb 1928 1953 24 years Australian Australian rules footballer motorcycle Vermont, Victoria, Australia Crashed into a milk cart.
Martin Gilks 1965 2006 41 years British drummer for The Wonder Stuff motorbike Tooting, London, England Lost control of motorbike and crashed.
Brian Gilmore 1933 1959 26 years Australian Australian rules footballer car Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia
Maximiliano Giusti 1991 2016 25 years Argentinian footballer car Buenos Aires, Argentina
Edward Givens 1930 1967 37 years American NASA astronaut and fighter pilot car Volkswagen Pearland, Texas On June 6, 1967, Givens was driving home from a meeting of the Quiet Birdmen fraternal organization, with two other officers, when he missed a sharp, unmarked turn and crashed into a ditch, near the Manned Spacecraft Center.
Alicia Gladden 1985 2013 27 years American basketball player car Avondale, Florida [161]
Jeff Gladney 1996 2022 25 years American football player (cornerback) car Dallas
Terry Glenn 1974 2017 43 years American football player (wide receiver) car Irving, Texas [162]
Go Eun-bi 1992 2014 21 years South Korean singer (member of Ladies' Code) van Hyundai Grand Starex Yeongdong Expressway, Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea [163]
Keith Godchaux 1948 1980 32 years American pianist for the Grateful Dead car (passenger) Marin County, California Sustained head injuries in a crash.
Johnathan Goddard 1981 2008 27 years American Arena League football player motorcycle Clay County, Florida
David Gold 1980 2011 31 years Canadian doom metal musician (Woods of Ypres) car Barrie, Ontario, Canada
Andrew Golden 1986 2019 33 years American one of the perpetrators of the Westside Middle School shooting in Jonesboro, Arkansas in 1998 SUV 2017 Honda CRV Cave City, Arkansas Andrew and the driver of the vehicle that he collided with both died. Andrew and the other perpetrator of the massacre, Mitchell Johnson were tried a juveniles and were released from prison when they were 21 years old.
Marina Golub 1957 2012 54 years Russian actress car Moscow, Russia [164]
Julia Gomelskaya 1964 2016 52 years Ukrainian composer car Odesa Oblast, Ukraine Lost control and crashed.[165]
Miguel Alfredo González 1983 2017 34 years Cuban baseball player car Havana, Cuba [166]
Abderrahim Goumri 1976 2013 36 years Moroccan runner car Temara, Morocco [167]
Dražen Gović 1981 2022 40 years Croatian footballer car near Šibenik, Croatia Both occupants of the vehicle, including Gović died.
Earle Graser 1909 1941 32 years Canadian actor (radio's Lone Ranger) car Farmington, Michigan Presumed to have fallen asleep at the wheel while driving to WXYZ's studios (where The Lone Ranger was produced).
Kirby Grant 1911 1985 73 years American actor car west of Titusville, Florida He swerved to avoid a collision and crashed into a water-filled ditch throwing him out of the vehicle, all while trying to pass two vehicles.
Eddie Griffin 1982 2007 25 years American basketball player SUV Houston, Texas He ignored a railroad warning and went through a barrier before striking a moving train.
David Griggs 1967 1995 28 years American American football player car Fort Lauderdale, Florida Collision with billboard.
Patrick Grimlund 1972 2023 50 years Swedish television presenter car outside Mariefred, Sweden died from injuries after a crash between a car and a truck on country road 990.
Timo Grönlund 1954 2022 68 years Finnish sprint canoer Pälkäne, Finland
Dovid Grossman 1946 2018 71–72 years American rabbi motorcycle Staten Island, New York [168]
Herta Groves 1920 2016 96 years Austrian/British hat maker pedestrian London, UK Groves was struck by a truck while leaving a function.[169]
Nicolas Grunitzky 1913 1969 56 years Togolese exiled President of Togo car Ivory Coast
Slađa Guduraš 1987 2014 27 years Bosnian pop singer and bit actress car Volkswagen Golf Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia Died in a crash while en route to Belgrade. She was reported missing, but then her body and damaged vehicle were found six days after her death.
Aurel Guga 1898 1936 38 years Romanian footballer car Timișoara, Romania
Eduard Gutiérrez 1995 2017 21 years Colombian footballer car Garzón, Colombia [170]
Arthur Guyton 1919 2003 83 years American physiologist car Jackson, Mississippi


Name Birth Death Aged Nationality Notability Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
Paul Hackman 1953 1992 38 years Canadian musician (Helix) van near Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada Van belonging to Helix, Hackman's band, veered off-road and fell down embankment.
Glenn Hackney 1924 2022 98 years American politician car died from injuries sustained in a serious traffic crash.
Roger Hagberg 1939 1970 31 years American football player (running back) car Lafayette, California
Nelson Haggerty 1973 2021 47 years American basketball coach and former college basketball player car Wise County, Texas
Roger Hägglund 1961 1992 30 years Swedish ice hockey player car Sweden
Nagare Hagiwara 1953 2015 62 years Japanese actor motorcycle Suginami, Tokyo
Jörg Haider 1950 2008 58 years Austrian politician, Governor of Carinthia car Volkswagen Phaeton near Köttmannsdorf, Carinthia, Austria Car veered off-road and fell down embankment.
Mike Hailwood 1940 1981 40 years British motorcycle racer car Rover SD1 A435 Alcester Road, near Tanworth-in-Arden, Warwickshire, England, United Kingdom Collision with truck. Hailwood's daughter Michelle was also killed.
Veikko Hakulinen 1925 2003 78 years Finnish skier pedestrian Valkeakoski, Finland Hit by a car.
David Halberstam 1934 2007 73 years American Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist car Toyota Camry California State Route 84 at Menlo Park, California near the Dumbarton Bridge Collision with car. Kevin Jones, Halberstam's assistant, was the driver.
Tibor Halgas 1981 2020 38 years Hungarian footballer car Budapest, Hungary [171]
Freddy Hall 1985 2022 37 years Bermudian footballer car St. George's, Bermuda
Mike Hall 1981 2017 35 years British cyclist and race organizer car Canberra, Australia [172]
Charles Hallahan 1943 1997 54 years American actor car Los Angeles, California
Bianca Halstead 1965 2001 36 years American rock musician (Betty Blowtorch) car (passenger) New Orleans, Louisiana She was killed in a car crash when she accepted a ride from a drunk driver.
Dorothy Cann Hamilton 1949 2016 67 years American chef and businesswoman car Litchfield County, Connecticut [173]
William Hamilton 1939 2016 76 years American cartoonist car Lexington, Kentucky Drove his car through a stop sign and was struck by a pickup truck.[174]
Mike Hammond 1990 2023 33 years British ice hockey player car Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia, Canada Hammond was involved in a single vehicle collision and died from his injuries.
Paul Hampshire 1981 2022 40 years Scottish footballer pedestrian Died from injuries sustained after a car hit him.
Josh Hancock 1978 2007 29 years American baseball player car 2007 Ford Explorer St. Louis, Missouri Collision with truck. Hancock was twice over the drink-drive limit.[175]
Steven Hancock 1957 2016 58 years British sprint canoer bicycle Mississauga, Ontario, Canada Collision with car.[176]
Rufus Hannah 1954 2017 63 years American advocate (homeless rights) car Swainsboro, Georgia [177]
Mary Hansen 1966 2002 36 years Australian vocalist with Stereolab bicycle London, United Kingdom Crushed to death by truck.
Baba Hardev Singh 1954 2016 62 years Indian spiritual guru car Beauharnois, Quebec, Canada [178][179]
Gus Hardin 1945 1996 50 years American country music singer car Salina, Oklahoma
Nandamuri Harikrishna 1956 2018 61 years Indian actor and politician car Toyota Fortuner near Narketpally, India He turned his face to grab a water bottle and crashed into a road median. He was not seat-belted, and died then and there.[180]
Abdalelah Haroun 1997 2021 24 years Qatari track and field sprinter car Doha, Qatar
Aaron Harper 1981 2023 42 years American basketball player car Mississippi Harper's car left the highway and rolled multiple times.
Joi Harris 1976 2017 40 years American motorcycle racer and stunt woman motorcycle Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada [181]
Kylie Rae Harris 1989 2019 30 years American country music singer car Taos, New Mexico Speeding and drunk driving contributed to Kylie's fatal car crash.
Sajjadul Hasan 1978 2007 28 years Bangladeshi cricketer motorcycle Bangladesh
Dwayne Haskins 1997 2022 24 years American football player pedestrian Florida, United States Haskins was walking on a South Florida highway when he was struck by a dump truck in the early hours of the morning. Haskins was pronounced dead at the scene.[182]
Ahmed Hassanein 1889 1946 56 years Egyptian political advisor, writer, and sportsman car Egypt Collision with British military vehicle.
Ernst-Paul Hasselbach 1966 2008 42 years Dutch television host and producer car Lom, Norway
Michael Hastings 1980 2013 33 years American journalist car Mercedes C250 Coupé Los Angeles, California Car collided with a tree.[183]
Darcy Haugan 2018 42 years Canadian hockey coach and general manager (member of Humboldt Broncos) bus (passenger) Saskatchewan, Canada Haugan was riding in a bus when it collided with a semi-trailer truck.[184]
Mike Hawthorn 1929 1959 29 years British racing driver car Jaguar Mark 1 A3 near Guildford, England, United Kingdom Collision with tree.
D.J. Hayden 1990 2023 33 years American football player car (passenger) Acura SUV Houston, Texas Hayden was among six killed in a crash that also killed two of his former college teammates. A Chrysler 300 reportedly ran a red light colliding with the vehicle Hayden was in.
Nicky Hayden 1981 2017 35 years American motorcycle racer bicycle S-Works Venge Cesena, Italy Car driver drove at 43 mph on a 30 mph zone. Neither driver nor Hayden braked when the pair collided.[185]
Victor Hayden, also known as "The Mascara Snake" 1948 2018 70 years American painter and musician pedestrian Hayden died from complications after being struck by a van.[186]
Brian Hebditch 1948 2023 75 years British sports shooter pedestrian Titchfield, England Hebditch was hit by a lorry outside a garden centre.
Anne Heche 1969 2022 53 years American actress car Mini Cooper Los Angeles Heche crashed her car into a house. The following week, relatives said she was not expected to survive and organ donation was being considered. Her life support was later switched off.[187]
Kurt Hector 1972 2013 41 years Dominican football team manager car Pont Cassé, Dominica [188]
Michael Hedges 1953 1997 43 years American musician car BMW State Route 128, near Boonville, California Car veered off-road and fell down embankment.
Conrad Hendricks 1979 2006 27 years South African footballer car near Johannesburg, South Africa
Chris Henry 1983 2009 26 years American football player pick-up truck near Charlotte, North Carolina Fell out of pick-up truck window.
Steve Henry 1957 2021 64 years American football player pickup truck Emporia, Kansas He was rear-ended by a reckless driver who was fleeing police.
Stefan Henze 1981 2016 35 years German slalom canoeist taxi (passenger) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Taxi in which he was riding crashed on August 12, 2016, during the 2016 Summer Olympics. Henze died of his injuries three days later.[189]
Bob Herbert 1942 1999 57 years British talent manager car MG F Windsor Great Park, Berkshire, England, United Kingdom Collision with fence.[190]
Jon Hernandez 1969 1993 24 years Filipino actor van (passenger) Quezon City, Philippines Hernandez was a passenger in a van when it collided with another vehicle.
Billy Herrington 1969 2018 48 years American pornographic actor car Palm Springs, California [191]
Ian Hibell 1934 2008 74 years British cyclist bicycle Athens, Salonika, Greece [192]
Bertha Hill 1905 1950 45 years American blues singer pedestrian New York City She died in a hit and run incident.
Jayson Hinder 1965 2017 51 years Australian lawyer and politician motorcycle [193]
Harris Hines 1943 2018 75 years American judge car Atlanta, Georgia, United States [194]
Shahnaz Himmeti 2013 Afghan politician car [195]
Brian Hitchen 1936 2013 77 years British newspaper editor pedestrian Altea, Spain Struck by car while crossing the road. His wife was also killed.
Ivan Hlinka 1950 2004 54 years Czech ice hockey player car near Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic Collision with truck.
Heinz Hofer 1943 1977 34 years Swiss racing team manager and mechanic car Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer A27, near Portsmouth, England Collision with another vehicle. Car belonged to Roger Penske, whom he was helping to deliver the car to the United States.[196]
Marty Hogan 1869 1923 53 years American baseball player car Youngstown, Ohio Died of injuries received in crash.
Patrick Hogan 1891 1936 45 years Irish politician car Aughrim, County Galway, Ireland
Honey Sri-Isan 1970 1992 21 years Thai Singer car Sisaket [197]
John Holliman 1948 1998 49 years American CNN reporter car Atlanta Holliman died in a head-on collision near his home in suburban Atlanta.[198]
Ben Hollioake 1977 2002 24 years English cricketer car Porsche 968 convertible Kwinana Freeway, Perth, Australia Collision with wall.
Richard Holmlund 1963 2011 47 years Swedish football manager car Örebro, Sweden
Johnny Horton 1925 1960 35 years American country and rockabilly musician and singer car Cadillac near Milano, Texas Car collided with a truck on a bridge.
Tim Horton 1930 1974 44 years Canadian ice hockey player car De Tomaso Pantera Queen Elizabeth Way at crossing of Twelve Mile Creek, Ontario Car collided with culvert, throwing Horton out.
Dean Horrix 1961 1990 28 years English footballer car Berkshire, England His wife survived the crash.
Mohammad-Ali Hosseinzadeh 1977 2016 39 years Iranian politician car Peugeot Pars Qazvin–Zanjan road 63 km, Iran [199]
Jim House 1948 2018 70 years American Democratic politician tractor on his farm Washington County, Arkansas, United States [200]
Peter Houseman 1945 1977 31 years English footballer car near Oxford, England His wife and two friends were also killed.
Thomas Howard 1983 2013 30 years American football player car Oakland, California
Steve Howe 1958 2006 48 years American baseball pitcher pickup truck Interstate 10, Coachella, California Howe's pickup truck rolled over on the westbound side of the highway.
E. Philip Howrey 1937 2011 73 years American economist bicycle truck Boulder, Colorado Howrey was killed in a collision with a dump truck.[201]
Beatrice Hsu 1978 2007 28 years Taiwanese actress car Mini Cooper National Highway No. 1 near Taichung, Taiwan Car collided with central reservation and then with a truck.[202]
Huang Wenpan 1995 2018 22 years Chinese swimmer car Hongya County, Sichuan, China
Allan Hubbard 1928 2011 83 years New Zealander businessman, financier car Oamaru, New Zealand Car in which he was passenger collided with another vehicle.[203]
Carl Hubbell 1903 1988 85 years American baseball player car Scottsdale, Arizona
John Hugenholtz 1914 1995 80 years Dutch race circuit designer car Zandvoort, Netherlands His wife died instantly; he died later of his injuries.
Ralph Hunt 1933 1964 31 years English footballer passenger Grantham, England Crash occurred on the return journey to watch future opponents Peterborough United with teammates Peter Stringfellow (who was driving), Ron Powell and Doug Wragg.[204]
Troy Hurtubise 1963 2018 54 years Canadian inventor and conservationist car North Bay, Ontario [205]
Andriy Husin 1972 2014 41 years Ukrainian football motorcycle Kyiv, Ukraine [206]
James Hylton 1934 2018 83 years American former NASCAR driver car near Carnesville, Georgia Hylton and his son died when their vehicle left the road.[207]


Name Birth Death Aged Nationality Notability Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
Ovidiu Iacov 1981 2001 20 years Romanian footballer car Volkswagen Târgoviște, Romania He was driving while drunk.
Jay Ilagan 1955 1992 36 years Filipino actor motorcycle Quezon City, Philippines Ilagan was killed on a motorbike.[208]
Vladislav Illich-Svitych 1934 1966 31 years Soviet linguist, establisher of Nostratic hypothesis pedestrian Zagoryanka train station, Schelkovo, Moscow region, Russia Hit by Volga 21 car, possibly KGB assassination.
Nadezhda Ilyina 1949 2013 64 years Russian track and field athlete car Moscow, Russia [209]
Masada Iosefa 1988 2021 32 years Samoan rugby league player quad bike Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia
Sana Iqbal 1987 2017 29 years Indian cyclist and anti-suicide activist car Outer Ring Road, Hyderabad, India
Mohammad Irfan 1951 2016 64 years Indian politician car Budaun, Uttar Pradesh, India
Satoshi Iriki 1967 2023 55 years Japanese baseball player car Miyakonojō, Japan
Vernon Isley 1942 1955 13 years American singer and original member of The Isley Brothers bicycle Cincinnati, Ohio His bicycle was struck by a car near his home.
Ted Itani 1939 2021 81 years Canadian military officer and humanitarian pedestrian Canada He was hospitalized in January 2021 after being struck in the head by a bus while running. He died in the hospital two months later.
Festus Iyayi 1947 2013 66 years Nigerian writer car Kano, Nigeria [210]


Name Birth Death Aged Nationality Notability Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
James Jabara 1923 1966 43 years American U.S. Air Force jet ace car (passenger) Delray Beach, Florida While on leave, he and his daughter were traveling with family when the car crashed, killing James and his daughter.
Edwin Jackson 1991 2018 26 years American football player (linebacker) pedestrian Indianapolis, Indiana He exited the car of an Uber driver and was hit from the side of the road by a pickup truck where the driver was fleeing a crime scene.[211]
Michael Jackson 1969 2017 48 years American football player (wide receiver) motorcycle Tangipahoa, Louisiana [212]
Tarvaris Jackson 1983 2020 36 years American football player car Chevrolet Camaro Pike Road, Alabama He drifted off the road, struck a tree and flipped while driving 70 mph in a 30-mile zone.
Sinethemba Jantjie 1989 2019 30 years South African footballer car Bethlehem, South Africa
Randall Jarrell 1914 1965 51 years American poet pedestrian Chapel Hill, North Carolina Jarrell was hit by a car alongside U.S. Highway 15–501 on October 14, 1965, during dusk.
Paul Jarrico 1915 1997 82 years American screenwriter car Los Angeles, California
Jhon Jarrín 1961 2021 59 years Ecuadorian track cyclist bicycle Cuenca, Ecuador He was hit by a car and died from his injuries shortly after.
Andrew Jenkins 1885 1957 71 years American country and folk composer, preacher car Thomaston, Georgia
Claudia Jennings 1949 1979 29 years American model and Playboy Playmate car Volkswagen Beetle Malibu, California [111]
Anton Jeyanathan 1948 2016 68 years Tamil Politician motorcycle Mullaitivu District, Sri Lanka [213]
Arvin "Tado" Jimenez 1974 2014 39 years Filipino comedian bus (passenger) Nissan Diesel RB46S (DMMC Aero Adamant) Bontoc, Mountain Province, Philippines Jimenez died in a crash while riding a bus in Barangay Talubin, Bontoc, Mountain Province. He was among the 14 people killed in the crash.[214]
Ryan Jimmo 1981 2016 34 years Canadian mixed martial artist pedestrian Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Got into an altercation with the occupants of a truck in a parking lot. As he walked away, the truck ran him down. Two men faced serious charges over the incident.[215]
Prince Ital Joe 1963 2001 38 years Dominican-American reggae musician car Phoenix, Arizona Died en route to Los Angeles, California.
Jan Johansson 1931 1968 37 years Swedish jazz musician car Sollentuna, Sweden Jan was on his way to perform in Jönköping, Sweden when the fatal car crash occurred.
Jack Johnson 1878 1946 68 years American boxer car Franklinton, North Carolina
James Weldon Johnson 1871 1938 67 years American lawyer and civil rights advocate car Wiscasset, Maine Crash happened on level crossing.
Kenneth Jones 1952 1969 16 years American songwriter car Jones was killed in an automobile crash.
Ray Jones 1988 2007 18 years English footballer car (passenger) Volkswagen Golf East Ham, London Vehicle collided with bus.[216]
Juanito 1954 1992 37 years Spanish footballer car Calzada de Oropesa, Toledo, Spain He died in a road crash while returning to Mérida, Spain.
Nathaël Julan 1996 2020 23 years French footballer car Audi Q5 Pordic, France
Ismail Juma 1991 2017 26 years Tanzanian long-distance runner motorcycle [217]
Jung Yong-hoon 1979 2003 24 years South Korean footballer car Seoul, South Korea [218]
Junkyard Dog 1952 1998 45 years American professional wrestler car Interstate 20, near Forest, Mississippi


Name Birth Death Aged Nationality Notability Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
Toshitami Kaihara 1933 2014 81 years Japanese former Governor of Hyōgo car Port Island, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Japan His car collision from another car on the left side, and former governor dead by traumatic aortic injury with left side of the body swipe.[219][better source needed]
Domagoj Kapec 1989 2008 18 years Croatian ice hockey player car Zagreb, Croatia
Aleksandr Karakin 1991 2023 32 years Russian footballer car Moscow, Russia
Pavel Karelin 1990 2011 21 years Russian ski jumper car Nizhny Novgorod, Russia [citation needed]
Jonathan Kaufer 1955 2013 58 years American director and writer car Las Vegas, Nevada
Sagardeep Kaur 1981 2016 35 years Indian athlete car Haryana, India [220]
Gerry Kearby 1947 2012 65 years American businessman car Pescadero, California [221]
Grace Kelly 1929 1982 52 years American Actress, Princess of Monaco car 1971 Rover P6 3500 Route de la Turbie, between Mont Agel and Monaco Grace suffered a stroke while driving, lost control of car which veered off-road, overturned and plunged down a 120 ft. mountainside road. She survived the crash, but died from her injuries the following night in a Monaco Hospital. Her passenger, daughter Princess Stéphanie, survived the crash.
Tim Kelly 1963 1998 35 years American guitarist for rock band Slaughter car Bagdad, Arizona He was hit by an 18-wheeler on Highway 96, whose driver was found to have been driving under the influence, and sentenced to prison in result.
Mose Kelsch 1897 1935 38 years American football player car Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Kemistry 1963 1999 35 years English DJ car (passenger) Hampshire, England, United Kingdom Olusanya died when her car was travelling behind a van on the M3 motorway. She was hit by the steel body of a cat's eye, which had been dislodged by the van and flew through the windscreen of the car in which she was a passenger. The cat's eye hit Olusanya in the face and she was killed instantly.
Hal Kemp 1904 1940 36 years American bandleader car Madera, California On December 19, while Kemp was driving from Los Angeles to San Francisco, he got into a head-on collision with a truck, resulting in several broken ribs and a punctured lung. He developed pneumonia while in the hospital recovering, and died two days later.[222]
Nic Kerdiles 1994 2023 29 years American hockey player motorcycle Nashville, Tennessee
Neil Kerley 1934 2022 88 years Australian footballer car Walker Flat, Australia
John Kezdy 2023 64 years American punk singer bicycle Glencoe, Illinois Kezdy collided with a parked Amazon delivery van that was illegally stopped in the bike lane.[223]
Valeri Kharlamov 1948 1981 33 years Russian ice hockey player car Solnechnogorsky District, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union (now Russia) Valeri and his wife Irina died in a crash on the busy highway between Moscow and St. Petersburg.[224]
Papi Khomane 1975 2023 48 years South African footballer car Khomane and his mother were killed in a collision en route to a funeral taking place in Kwalazulu-Natal, South Africa.
Anatoly Khrapaty 1962 2008 45 years Russian weightlifter motorcycle Arshaly, Kazakhstan
Gour Khyapa 1947 2013 65 years Indian singer car West Bengal, India [225]
Desiet Kidane 2000 2021 21 years Eritrean racing cyclist bicycle Asmara, Eritrea Hit by a car while training.
Johnny Kidd 1935 1966 30 years British rock and roll singer for Johnny Kidd & The Pirates car Bury, England, United Kingdom
Terrence Kiel 1980 2008 27 years American football player car Chevy Sedan San Diego, California Kiel was driving alone in San Diego's upscale Scripps Ranch neighborhood when he hit a wall and was thrown from his car. Police said he was barely breathing when paramedics got to him and he died about an hour later.[226]
Witold Kiełtyka 1984 2007 23 years Polish death metal drummer bus (passenger) Novozybkov, Russia [227]
Ken Kifer 1945 2003 57 years American[228] writer, bicyclist and webmaster bicycle 6 miles (9.7 km) from his home near Scottsboro, Alabama Kifer was struck and killed by a serial drunk driver. He was taken to the hospital where he died the next morning.[229][230]
Killer Kau 1998 2021 23 years South African rapper car South Africa
Kim Hyun-jun 1960 1999 39 years South Korean basketball player car Seongnam, South Korea [231]
Kim Joo-hyuk 1972 2017 45 years South Korean actor car Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul Joo-hyuk was riding in a car when it around 16:30 KST when it collided with another vehicle.[232]
Kim Min-woo 1986 2007 21 years South Korean ice dancer car Seoul, South Korea [233]
Sam Kinison 1953 1992 38 years American comedian and actor car 1989 Pontiac Trans Am west of Needles, California He was traveling on U.S. Route 95, four miles (6 km) north of Interstate 40 to perform at a sold-out show in Laughlin, Nevada when a 17-year-old pickup driver, Troy Pierson, who was drunk, crossed the center line of the roadway, went into Kinison's lane, and struck him head-on. Kinison died at the scene.[234][235][236]
Michael King 1945 2004 58 years New Zealander historian car near Maramarua, New Zealand Crash occurred on New Zealand State Highway 2 when he hit a tree.
Stephen Kipkorir 1970 2008 37 years Kenyan Olympic athlete military vehicle Kipkorir was a professional soldier and died in a military vehicle while on manouevres[237]
Andy Kirby 1961 2002 40 years American NASCAR stockcar driver motorcycle White House, Tennessee He was killed in a motorcycle crash in his hometown.
Eddie Kirkland 1923 2011 87 years American electric blues musician car 1998 Ford Taurus Crystal River, Florida A bus hit him while he was attempting to make a U-turn.
Greg Knapp 1963 2021 58 years American football coach bicycle San Ramon, California He was hit by a car while bicycling and died five days later in a hospital in Walnut Creek, California.
Rolf Knierim 1928 2018 90 years German biblical scholar car Arizona [238]
Hugo Koblet 1925 1964 39 years Swiss champion cyclist car Egg, Canton of Zurich, Switzerland Koblet died days after a car crash, with speculation that his death may have been suicide.
Rudi Koertzen 1949 2022 73 years South African cricket umpire car Riversdale, Western Cape, South Africa
Nkosiphendule Kolisile 1973 2013 40 years South African politician car [239]
Lou Kolls 1896 1941 48 years American baseball umpire[240] car Hooppole, Illinois
Amalie Konsa 1873 1949 76 years Estonian stage and film actress bus (passenger) Tartu, Estonia [241]
Mary Jo Kopechne 1940 1969 28 years American passenger of U.S. Senator Edward M. "Ted" Kennedy car (passenger) 1967 Oldsmobile Delmont 88 Chappaquiddick Island, Massachusetts Kennedy drove the car off a narrow, unlit bridge, which lacked guardrails. The Oldsmobile landed in Poucha Pond and overturned in the water; Kennedy extricated himself from the vehicle and survived, but Kopechne did not.[242]
Artem Kopot 1972 1992 19 years Russian ice hockey player car Chelyabinsk, Russia He was driving alone at the time of the fatal car crash.
Adam Koppy 1973 2013 40 years American mechanical engineer car Dowagiac, Cass County, Michigan [243]
Radivoj Korać 1938 1969 30 years Serbian (Yugoslav) basketball player car Sarajevo, SR Bosnia And Herzegovina
Cornelis H. A. Koster 1943 2013 69 years Dutch computer scientist motorcycle
Nikola Kotkov 1938 1971 32 years Bulgarian footballer (striker) car Sofia, Bulgaria Kotkov died together with his friend and teammate Georgi Asparuhov in a traffic crash in the Vitinya Pass of the Balkan Mountains, en route to Vratsa.[244]
Ernie Kovacs 1919 1962 42 years American comedian, actor, and writer car Chevrolet Corvair station wagon Los Angeles, California The crash occurred in the early morning hours. Kovacs, who had worked for much of the evening, met his wife Edie Adams at a baby shower for Milton Berle and his wife, who had recently adopted a newborn baby boy. The couple left the party in separate cars. After a light rainstorm, Kovacs lost control of his car while turning fast and crashed into a power pole at the corner of Beverly Glen and Santa Monica Boulevards. He was thrown halfway out the passenger side, dying almost instantly from chest and head injuries.[245][246]
Sammi Kane Kraft 1992 2012 20 years American actress car Los Angeles, California Was riding passenger in the car when it rear-ended a semi trailer and was then struck by another vehicle.[247]
Dennis Kramer 1992 2023 31 years German-American basketball player car Barterode, Germany
Philip Taylor Kramer 1952 1995 42 years American bass guitarist for rock band Iron Butterfly minivan 1993 green Ford Aerostar near Malibu, California On February 12, 1995, Kramer drove to Los Angeles International Airport to pick up an investor and his wife. He spent forty-five minutes at the airport but failed to meet them. Kramer did make a flurry of cell phone calls, including one to the police during which he said, "I am Philip Taylor Kramer, and I'm going to kill myself."[248][249] He was never heard from again. This led to a massive search, many news reports, and talk show segments.[250] An article in Skeptic reported numerous conspiracy theories about his death.[251][252] On May 29, 1999, Kramer's minivan and skeletal remains were found by photographers looking for old car wrecks to shoot at the bottom of Decker Canyon near Malibu, California.[253][254][248] Based on forensic evidence and Kramer's emergency call to the police, authorities ruled his death as a probable suicide committed on the day on which he was last heard.[255]
Marek Krejčí 1980 2007 26 years Slovak footballer car Audi S3 near Maitenbeth, Bavaria, Germany He lost control of his vehicle while driving to Burghausen, Altötting, Germany on the B12 road. Car swung off the road and into a tree, trapping him. The fire brigade couldn't save him in time.[256]
Trent Kresse 1966 1986 22 years Canadian ice hockey player bus Saskatchewan Highway 1, Canada The crash killed three other teammates.
Robert Kroetsch 1927 2011 83 years Canadian novelist and poet car Alberta, Canada [257]
Richard Kröll 1968 1996 28 years Austrian alpine skier car Zillertal road (B 169), Austria He hit a German bus on a wet road head and died at the scene.
Jamilia Ksiksi 1968 2022 54 years Tunisian politician near Sfax, Tunisia Killed in a road crash on an express road near the city of Sfax.
Juscelino Kubitschek 1902 1976 73 years Brazilian former president car near Resende, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Evgeny Kucherevsky 1941 2006 65 years Ukrainian football coach car Mercedes-Benz Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine Kucherevskyi's car suffered a head-on collision with a KAMAZ truck.
Besik Kudukhov 1986 2013 27 years Russian wrestler car Krasnodar Krai, Russia Collided with a truck.[258]
Janusz Kulig 1969 2004 35 years Polish rally driver car Fiat Stilo Rzezawa, Poland Kulig died after his car collided with a train on a level crossing. The crossing barriers were not lowered.
Kalia Kulothungan 1977 2018 40 years Indian footballer bike Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India [259]
Igor Kurnosov 1985 2013 28 years Russian chess grandmaster car Chelyabinsk, Russia [260]
Atsushi Kuroi 1969 2010 40 years Japanese professional drifting driver motorcycle Osaka, Japan Kuroi was hit by another vehicle while travelling home from work on his motorcycle and later died in the hospital after bleeding to death from injuries to his thigh.[261][262]
Andriy Kuzmenko 1968 2015 46 years Ukrainian singer for rock band Skryabin car Toyota Sequoia Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine
Vladimir Kuzmichyov 1979 2016 37 years Russian footballer car Moscow, Russia Crash occurred on the highway.[263]
Kwon Ri-se 1991 2014 23 years Korean / Japanese singer (member of Ladies' Code) van Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea [264]
Doug Kyle 1932 2023 91 years Canadian olympic runner car Chevrolet Spark Calgary, Alberta, Canada Kyle was involved in a single-vehicle rollover crash that caused injuries that he succumbed to in hospital.


Name Birth Death Aged Nationality Notability Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
Nicolae Labiş 1935 1956 21 years Romanian poet pedestrian University Square, Bucharest, Romania He lost his balance, caught the grille between the tram wagons, his head hit the pavement, and he was dragged a short distance.
Leah LaBelle 1986 2018 31 years Canadian-American R&B singer car (passenger) Range Rover Studio City, California While speeding, basketball player Rasual Butler lost control of the vehicle and hit a curb. The vehicle flipped, killing him and his wife Leah LaBelle.[265]
Scott LaFaro 1936 1961 25 years American jazz musician car Flint, New York LaFaro died in a car crash in the summer of 1961 in Flint, New York on U.S. Route 20 between Geneva and Canandaigua.[266]
Siarhei Lahun 1988 2011 22 years Belarusian weightlifter car Novopolotsk, Belarus [267]
Dolores Lambaša 1981 2013 32 years Croatian actress car Slavonski Brod, Croatia Car hit the back of another car in the morning fog on the A3 motorway at 130 km/h (80 mph). Lambaša was sleeping in the reclined front seat and was ejected from the vehicle by the force of the crash despite wearing a seatbelt and died in hospital. The driver, actor Stojan Matavulj was slightly over the BAC legal limit.[268] The crash happened near crash sites of Toše Proeski and of actor Emir Hadžihafizbegović, who ran over two people mending a broken down car, all within the span of several years.[269][270]
Davey Lambert 1969 2017 48 years English motorcycle racer motorcycle Aintree, Liverpool, England, United Kingdom [271]
Marion Lambert 1943 2016 73 years art collector pedestrian London, United Kingdom Struck by bus on Oxford Street[272]
Martin Lamble 1949 1969 19 years British drummer for British folk rock band, Fairport Convention van Birmingham, England, United Kingdom Crashed on the M1 motorway on the way home from a gig at Mothers, a club in Birmingham.
Mark Langford 1964 2007 42 years British controversial company director of The Accident Group car Opel Corsa Marbella, Spain Langford died when his car left the road.[273]
Álvaro Lara 1984 2011 26 years Chilean footballer car San Javier, Chile [274]
Braulio Lara 1988 2019 30 years Dominican baseball player (pitcher) car Baní, Dominican Republic
Bob Laraba 1933 1962 28 years American football player (linebacker) car San Diego, California
Joseba Larrinaga 1968 2013 45 years Spanish paralympic athlete bicycle Aramaio, Álava, Spain He was struck by a car while riding his bicycle.[275]
Nick Lashaway 1988 2016 28 years American actor car Framingham, Massachusetts [276]
Billy Laughlin 1932 1948 16 years American child actor; part of "Our Gang" scooter La Puente, California A speeding truck struck him while he was delivering newspapers.
T. E. Lawrence 1888 1935 46 years British army officer motorcycle Brough Superior SS100 Dorset, England, United Kingdom Lawrence was fatally injured when a dip in the road obstructed his view of two boys on their bicycles: swerving to avoid them, he lost control, and was thrown over the handlebar. He died six days later of his injuries.[277]
Lee Eon 1981 2008 27 years South Korean actor motorcycle Hannam-dong, Seoul, South Korea Died of a broken neck when his motorcycle collided with the guardrail of an overpass.[278]
Steve Lee 1963 2010 47 years Swiss singer for hard rock band Gotthard motorcycle outside of Mesquite, Nevada
Sauli Lehtonen 1975 1995 20 years Finnish tango singer car near Sipoo, Finland Car (driven by his father, who survived) struck a moose on a highway. Lehtonen later died of his injuries.
Inaki Lejarreta 1983 2012 29 years Spanish mountain biker car Iurreta, Spain [279]
Iry LeJeune 1928 1955 26 years American Cajun accordionist pedestrian Eunice, Louisiana Hit by a car while changing a tire.
Deon Lendore 1992 2022 29 years Trinidadian olympic sprinter car near College Station, Texas, United States
Julia Lennon 1914 1958 44 years British mother of John Lennon pedestrian Menlove Avenue, Woolton, Liverpool, England, United Kingdom While crossing Menlove Avenue to the central reservation between two traffic lanes, she was struck and killed by a Standard Vanguard car.
Kris Leonard 1996 2016 19 years British vocalist of the rock band Viola Beach car (passenger) Nissan Qashqai Södertälje, Sweden All four members of the band died in this crash, along with their manager. See under Craig Tarry.
Chete Lera 1949 2022 72 years Spanish actor car Rincón de la Victoria, Spain Lera drove off the road and fell down a 50 m steep slope, landing on a plantation.
Walt Lerian 1903 1929 26 years American baseball player pedestrian Baltimore, Maryland A truck jumped a curb and pinned him against a building.
Charles Lewis Jr. 1963 2009 45 years American businessman, promoter and entertainer car Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale Newport Beach, California Lewis died in a high-speed car crash when he collided with a 1977 Porsche before hitting a light pole. It is presumed that the two vehicles were traveling alongside one another at high speed, and were most likely engaged in a "street race".[280]
Meade Lux Lewis 1905 1964 58 years American composer car Chrysler Imperial Minneapolis, Minnesota He was rear-ended by a speeder, was pushed 300 feet (90 m), and crashed into a tree.
Jim Liberman 1945 1977 31 years American NHRA drag racing driver car 1972 Corvette West Goshen Township near West Chester, Pennsylvania Liberman died in a head-on collision with a bus.[281]
Pelle Lindbergh 1959 1985 26 years Swedish ice hockey goaltender car Porsche 930 Turbo Somerdale, New Jersey Lindbergh lost control of his car and struck a wall in front of an elementary school, critically injuring himself and severely injuring his two passengers. Although declared brain dead a few hours later, he was kept on life support until his father arrived from Sweden late the next day and his parents gave their permission to terminate treatment.[282]
Magnus Lindgren 1982 2012 30 years Swedish chef taxi Hong Kong [283]
Lasse Lindroth 1972 1999 26 years Swedish comedian car Uddevalla, Sweden
Audrey Lindvall 1982 2006 23 years American model bicycle Lee's Summit, Missouri She was riding a bike near her childhood home when she hit a curb, was thrown from her bike, and fell under the rear wheels of a tanker truck carrying fuel. She died instantly when the truck rolled over her.[284][285][286]
Jaclyn Linetsky 1986 2003 17 years Canadian actress car Dodge Grand Caravan Saint-Césaire, Quebec, Canada Linetsky and her 15/Love costar Vadim Schneider were killed in a collision on their way to the set.[287]
Claudio Lippi 1970 2013 42 years Italian sports journalist car Buccinasco, Italy [288]
Desmond Llewelyn 1914 1999 85 years British actor, played Q in the James Bond movies car Renault Mégane Firle, East Sussex, England, United Kingdom Llewelyn's car collided head-on with a Fiat Bravo on the A27.[289]
Lisa Lopes 1971 2002 30 years American singer with the R&B trio TLC SUV Mitsubishi Montero Sport La Ceiba, Atlántida, Honduras Lopes swerved slightly to the right then again to the left as she tried to avoid a collision with another vehicle that was in her lane. Her vehicle rolled several times after hitting two trees, throwing Lopes and three others out of the windows. She died of neck injuries and severe head trauma.[290]
Aurelio López 1948 1992 44 years Mexican baseball player car Matehuala, San Luis Potosí, Mexico Car overturned and he was thrown from the vehicle.
Ira Louvin 1924 1965 41 years American country music singer; one half of the Louvin Brothers. car Williamsburg, Missouri Louvin was fatally injured when a drunk driver struck his car.
Vince Lovegrove 1947 2012 65 years Australian music manager (The Valentines) car Bangalow, New South Wales, Australia [291]
Linda Lovelace 1949 2002 53 years American actress car Denver, Colorado She was involved in a serious automobile crash, suffering massive trauma and internal injuries. On April 22, 2002, she was taken off life support.[292]
Tomas Lowe 1989 2016 27 years British bassist of the rock band Viola Beach car (passenger) Nissan Qashqai Södertälje, Sweden All four members of the band died in this crash, along with their manager. See under Craig Tarry.
Jason Lowndes 1994 2017 23 years Australian cyclist bicycle car Bendigo, Victoria, Australia [293]
Bo Lozoff 1947 2012 65 years American writer & interfaith humanitarian motorcycle Puna, Hawaii [294]
Michael Lucero 1963 1998 34 years American music video director car Elko County, Nevada [295]
Mitch Lucker 1984 2012 28 years American frontman of metal band Suicide Silence motorcycle 2013 Harley Davidson Huntington Beach, California Lucker's death from injuries sustained in a motorcycle crash was announced on November 1, 2012. One report stated that the crash occurred shortly after 9:00 pm on October 31.[296][297]


Name Birth Death Aged Nationality Notability Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
Alceste Madeira 1944 2021 77 years Brazilian politician car (passenger) Vila Petrolina, Caracaraí, Brazil
Shawn Mackay 1982 2009 26 years Australian rugby union player pedestrian Durban, South Africa Died of complications a week after being hit by an armed response vehicle while crossing the street
Peter MacGregor-Scott 1947 2017 69 years British film director taxi New York City [298]
David Macpherson, 2nd Baron Strathcarron 1924 2006 82 years British Peerage motorcycle Died from sustained injuries from a collision with dustcart seven weeks later.[299]
Joe Mafela 1942 2017 75 years South African actor car Johannesburg, South Africa [300]
Patrick Mafisango 1980 2012 32 years Rwandan footballer car Dar es Salaam, Tanzania [301]
Magic 1975 2013 37 years American rapper car Hattiesburg, Mississippi [302]
Keith Magnuson 1947 2003 56 years Canadian hockey player car Chrysler Intrepid Vaughan, Ontario, Canada Killed in a crash with fellow NHL alumnus Rob Ramage behind the wheel. Ramage survived but was later found guilty of vehicular manslaughter.
Doug Magor 1947 1969 21 years Australian Australian rules footballer car Melbourne, Australia
Jesse Mahelona 1983 2009 26 years American football player car Hawaii Driving while intoxicated contributed to the fatal crash.
Aristide Maillol 1861 1944 82 years French artist and sculptor car Banyuls-sur-Mer, France
Sigisfredo Mair 1939 1977 38 years Italian luger car Toblach, Italy [303]
Emmanuel Makori Nyambane 2017 Kenyan comedian car Head on collision.[304]
Junior Malanda 1994 2015 20 years Belgian footballer car (passenger) Volkswagen Touareg near Porta Westfalica, Germany Malanda, sitting in the back seat, had just unbuckled his seat belt to pick up a smartphone cable. The off-road vehicle in which he and two friends were sitting was travelling at 120 km/h in strong rain and heavy gusts of wind.[305]
Stephen Malcolm 1970 2001 30 years Jamaican footballer car Duncans, Jamaica
Gene Malin 1908 1933 25 years American actor car Venice, Los Angeles, California Malin confused the gears while driving and launched his car into reverse and went off a pier into the water. He was pinned and was instantly killed.
Anna Malle 1967 2006 38 years American adult movie actress car (passenger) near Las Vegas, Nevada She was a passenger in a car in which the driver made a U-turn and turned into the path of pickup truck.
Sakhavat Mammadov 1953 1991 38 years Azerbaijani Mugham singer car Baku, Azerbaijan
Dragan Mance 1962 1985 22 years Yugoslav footballer car Belgrade, Serbia
Barry Mannakee 1947 1987 39 years British bodyguard and alleged lover of Diana, Princess of Wales motorcycle (passenger) Suzuki Woodford, east London
César Manrique 1919 1992 73 years Spanish architect car Tahiche, Lanzarote, Canary Islands
Jayne Mansfield 1933 1967 34 years American actress car (passenger) 1966 Buick Electra U.S. Highway 90 En route to New Orleans, the car crashed into the rear of a tractor-trailer that had slowed down and was under-rode because of the truck spraying mosquito fogger. Mansfield, her boyfriend Sam Brody, and her driver died instantly.[306]
Johnny Mantz 1918 1972 54 years American race car driver car Ojai, California
José Manuel de la Sota 1949 2018 68 years Argentine politician car Altos Fierro, Córdoba, Argentina [307]
Lesley Manyathela 1981 2003 21 years South African footballer car Musina, South Africa
Darren Manzella 1977 2013 36 years American gay activist car Pittsford, New York [308]
Garry Mapanzure 1998 2023 25 years Zimbabwean singer car (passenger) Masvingo, Zimbabwe Mapanzure was involved in a collision that also killed his friend and his niece. It was possible that he had waited hours for a ambulance because air medical teams didn't land due to issues at the Masvingo helipad.
Gary Mara 1962 2012 50 years Australian rugby league player car Los Angeles, California [309]
Niki Marangou 1948 2013 65 years Cypriot writer and painter car Fayoum, Egypt [310]
Jason Marcano 1983 2019 35 years Trinidadian and Tobagonian footballer car Arouca, Trinidad and Tobago
Theo Marcuse 1920 1967 47 years American actor car Los Angeles, California
Joey Marella 1963 1994 31 years American World Wrestling Federation referee car New Jersey Turnpike near Willingboro, New Jersey Marella fell asleep at the wheel and crashed while driving home on the New Jersey Turnpike after a night of refereeing WWF matches in Ocean City, Maryland. Bruno Lauer, better known by his ring name Harvey Wippleman, was with him at the time and was critically injured. Lauer was wearing a seatbelt, while Marella was not.
Doug Marlette 1949 2007 57 years American cartoonist pickup truck Toyota Marshall County, Mississippi Hydroplaned and struck a tree.
Gonzalo Márquez 1946 1984 38 years Venezuelan major league baseball player car Valencia, Carabobo, Venezuela He was returning home from a baseball game.
Dennis Marshall 1985 2011 25 years Costa Rican footballer car San José, Costa Rica [311]
Nathaniel Marston 1975 2015 40 years American actor car Reno, Nevada Crash occurred on October 30, 2015, leaving him in the hospital for days before he was taken off life support.
Andy Marte 1983 2017 33 years Dominican baseball player car (passenger) Mercedes-Benz San Francisco de Macorís, Dominican Republic [312]
Billy Martin 1928 1989 61 years American baseball player and manager car (passenger) 1989 Ford pickup truck Port Crane, north of Binghamton, New York He was killed in a low speed, single vehicle collision during an ice storm at the end of the driveway to his farm on Christmas Day, 1989.
Fernando Martín Espina 1962 1989 27 years Spanish basketball player car limited edition Lancia Thema 8.32 Madrid, Spain The first Spaniard to play in the NBA and inductee of the FIBA Hall of Fame died in a car crash.
José Carlos Martínez 1962 2011 48 years Argentinian politician car Tolhuin, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina
Pyotr Masherov 1918 1980 62 years Belarusian first secretary of Belarusian committee of the Communist Party of Soviet Union and a communist leader of Soviet Belarus car Minsk, Soviet Union (now Belarus) His car, escorted by police, collided with a produce truck (potatoes).
Germaine Mason 1983 2017 34 years Jamaican track and field motorcycle Jamaica [313]
Tareque Masud 1956 2011 54 years Bangladeshi independent film director, producer microbus near Ghior Upazila, Bangladesh Masud died while returning to Dhaka after visiting a shooting location. His microbus collided head-on with a passenger bus. His long-time co-worker Mishuk Munier also died while Masud's wife and four others survived.
Lebo Mathosa 1977 2006 29 years South African popular Kwaito singer car Johannesburg, South Africa Her driver lost control of her vehicle. Mathosa's car overturned and hit a tree.[314]
Jolidee Matongo 1975 2021 45–46 years South African politician, mayor of Johannesburg car Soweto, South Africa
Altero Matteoli 1940 2017 77 years Italian politician car Capalbio, Italy [315]
Johnny Mauro[316] 1910 2003 92 years United States racing driver car Interstate 70, near Denver, Colorado Head-on collision
Panagiotis Mavrikos 1974 2016 42 years Greek newspaper car Athens, Greece
Jason Mayélé 1976 2002 26 years Congolese footballer car Parma, Italy His car collided with another while Mayélé was attempting to catch the Chievo team bus for a match against Parma. He was taken to hospital in nearby Verona by helicopter, but died of his injuries.
Lucien Mazan 1882 1917 35 years French road bicycle racer Troyes, France When he was six he moved with his parents to Buenos Aires where he took Argentine nationality. He joined the French army during the First World War and died when he crashed into an oncoming car at the front near Troyes.
Jean-Marc Mazzonetto 1983 2018 34 years French rugby union player car Gaillères, France [317]
Thembinkosi Mbamba 1995 2019 23 years South African footballer car South Africa
Aubrey McClendon 1959 2016 56 years American CEO of Chesapeake Energy SUV Chevy Tahoe Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Probable suicide the day after he had been indicted by a federal grand jury
Cara McCollum 1992 2016 24 years American beauty pageant contestant car Camden, New Jersey [318]
Mike McKeever 1940 1967 27 years American football player car Montebello, California The car crash occurred in 1965 and left Mike in a coma for 22 months until he died.
Bruce McLenna 1941 1968 26 years American football player truck Urbana, Missouri His military truck was sideswiped by an automobile causing him to crash.
Andy McVann 1965 1986 21 years British drummer (The Farm) car Liverpool, England, United Kingdom He died in a crash after attempting to outrun a police car near his Liverpool home.[319]
Miguel Mena 1986 2021 34 years Peruvian-American horse jockey pedestrian Louisville, Kentucky Struck by a vehicle.
Justin Mentell 1982 2010 27 years American actor car 2005 Jeep Mineral Point, Wisconsin His vehicle left the roadway on Highway 39, went down an embankment and struck two trees. Possibly Mentell had fallen asleep at the wheel, he was not wearing a seat belt.
Vittorio Mero 1974 2002 27 years Italian footballer car Rovato, Italy Vittorio died in a car crash on the A4 highway near Rovato.
Gigi Meroni 1943 1967 24 years Italian footballer pedestrian Turin, Italy Meroni was hit by a car while recklessly crossing Corso Re Umberto in Turin with his friend and Torino teammate Fabrizio Poletti.
Bernd and Reiner Methe 1964 2011 47 years German handball car Mercedes-Benz between Empfingen and Haigerloch, Germany [320]
Jordan Michallet 1993 2022 29 years French rugby player car Renault Mégane Rouen, France Michallet crashed his vehicle into the center reservation on the Mathilde bridge. Although he survived the crash, he made his way to a nearby building, which was under construction, and jumped from the fourth floor, being ruled as suicide from jumping.
Solomon Mikhoels 1890 1948 55 years Russian actor and Jewish activist pedestrian Minsk, Soviet Union According to official records, Mikhoels and a friend, Sergei Golubev, were run over by a truck. True circumstances became known only in 1951 when Viktor Abakumov, ex-state security minister of the USSR was arrested. It turned out Golubev was a KGB agent. He got a task to invite Mikhoels to his friends' dacha, that belonging to the Belarusian state security chief, Lavrentiy Tsanava. The truck was already prepared, under whose wheels Mikhoels and Golubev (who was sacrificed for the story's credibility) were thrown.[321]
Mike Miley 1953 1977 23 years American baseball player car Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Darren Millane 1965 1991 26 years Australian Australian rules football[322] car Albert Park, Victoria, Australia An intoxicated Millane was driving on Queens Road, near Albert Park Lake before he clipped a semi-trailer and rolled his car, being killed instantly.[323][324]
Jacob Miller 1952 1980 27 years Jamaican reggae musician car Kingston, Jamaica
Maikhail Miller 1992 2016 23 years American football SUV Holly Springs, Mississippi [325]
Fred Mills 1935 2009 74 years Canadian trumpeter and music professor[326][327] car Athens, Georgia
Gionata Mingozzi 1984 2008 23 years Italian footballer car Porsche Campagna Lupia, Italy Mingozzi died when his Porsche hit a truck.[328]
Soledad Miranda 1943 1970 27 years Spanish actress car (passenger) Lisbon, Portugal Soledad and her husband were driving along the Costa do Sol highway between Estoril and Lisbon when they collided with a small truck, which crushed the car. Although her husband, who was driving, only had minor injuries, Soledad received serious skull and spine fractures, and entered a coma. She died hours later at the Hospital of São José in Lisbon, never having come out of her coma.
Margaret Mitchell 1900 1949 48 years American author of Gone with the Wind pedestrian Atlanta, Georgia Struck by a speeding automobile as she crossed Peachtree Street at 13th Street in Atlanta with her husband, John Marsh, while on her way to see a movie. She died five days later without regaining full consciousness.
Tom Mix 1880 1940 60 years American actor car 1937 Cord 812 Phaeton Florence, Arizona Heading to Phoenix, he came upon construction barriers at a bridge washed away by a flash flood. He was unable to stop in time. The car swerved twice, then rolled into a gully, pinning his body underneath.[329] The 60-year-old actor was killed almost instantly.
Nikola Mladenov 1964 2013 49 years Macedonian journalist car Mercedes-Benz Skopje, Macedonia [330]
Russell Mockridge 1928 1958 30 years Australian racing cyclist bicycle Clayton (south-east suburb of Melbourne, Australia) During the Tour of Gippsland cycle race, shortly after the start, Mockridge was struck by a bus and killed at the Dandenong Rd and Clayton Rd intersection.
Mpho Moerane 2022 South African businessman and politician car Johannesburg, South Africa Exactly a week after Moerane was involved in his car crash, he succumbed to his injuries and never woke up after being unconscious.
Afshin Moghadam 1945 1976 30 years Iranian pop singer car Tehran, Iran
Émilie Mondor 1981 2006 25 years Canadian runner car Hawkesbury, Ontario, Canada She lost control over of her vehicle while passing two other vehicles.
Michel Monet 1878 1966 87 years French son of Claude Monet car Vernon, France
Michelle Monkhouse 1991 2011 19 years Canadian fashion model car Markham, Ontario Contact with black ice caused her to collide with oncoming traffic.[331]
Carlos Monzón 1942 1995 52 years Argentinian boxer car Santa Rosa de Calchines, Argentina Monzon was killed when his car ran off a road and overturned during a weekend furlough.[332]
Aurelio Monteagudo 1943 1990 46 years Mexican-Cuban baseball pitcher car Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico
Al Montgomery 1920 1942 21 years American baseball player (catcher) car Waverly, Virginia
Bob Moose 1947 1976 29 years American baseball player car near Martins Ferry, Ohio Killed in a head-on collision heading to Bill Mazeroski's golf course on his 29th birthday.[333]
Constancia de la Mora 1906 1950 43 years Spanish writer and political activist car Guatemala City, Guatemala [334]
Saúl Morales 1973 2000 26 years Spanish racing cyclist bicycle Caucete, San Juan Province, Argentina During the Tour of Argentina he was hit by a truck that came between the riders.
Peggy Moran 1918 2002 84 years American actress car California She died from her injuries two months after a crash on August 26, 2002, in Camarillo, California.
Rushton Moreve 1948 1981 32 years American bass guitarist for Steppenwolf car Sun Valley, Los Angeles, California
Rob Moroso 1968 1990 22 years American NASCAR Winston Cup driver car Oldsmobile Cutlass (1990) near Terrell, North Carolina Under the influence of alcohol and travelling at too high a speed, Moroso lost control going round a tight curve, veering into an oncoming car killing its driver along with himself.
Damien "Damo" Morris 1980 2007 27 years Australian deathcore musician (The Red Shore) bus Pacific Highway near Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia
Runako Morton 1978 2012 33 years Nevisian cricketer car Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago [335]
Ezra Moseley 1958 2021 63 years Barbadian cricketer bicycle Christ Church, Barbados He was hit by a car while cycling for exercise.
Moshoeshoe II of Lesotho 1938 1996 57 years Sotho monarch of his country car in the Maloti Mountains, Lesotho Car veered off cliff, killing both the royal and his chauffeur.
Mike Mosley 1946 1984 37 years American IndyCar driver van near Aguanga, California Died when he lost control of the truck, which rolled down an embankment and caught fire.[336]
Idriss Ndele Moussa 1959 2013 54 years Chadian politician car N'Djamena, Chad
MS-1 1956 2012 55 years Mexican luchador car Huamantla, Tlaxcala, Mexico [337]
Howard Mudd 1942 2020 78 years American football player and coach motorcycle Seattle, Washington Died in intensive care in Seattle two weeks after a motorcycle crash.[338]
Lucille Mulhall 1885 1940 55 years American cowgirl, Wild West performer car Mulhall, Oklahoma Killed in an automobile crash less than a mile from the Mulhall Ranch.[339]
Pat Mullins 1937 2017 79 years American politician car Hanover County, Virginia Drove off the road and collided with a tree.[340]
Rich Mullins 1955 1997 41 years American Christian music artist car Jeep north of Bloomington, Illinois Mullins and a friend were traveling southbound on I-39 when his Jeep rolled over. They were not wearing seat belts and were both ejected from the vehicle. When a passing semi-trailer truck swerved to miss the overturned Jeep, Mullins, who was too injured to move out of the path of the oncoming truck was hit and died instantly at the scene.
Brenda Muntemba 1970 2019 48 years Zambian Zambia's High Commissioner to Kenya car Muntemba was involved in a head-on collision on February 26, 2019, and was admitted to hospital where she died on March 19, 2019.[341]
F. W. Murnau 1888 1931 42 years German film director of Nosferatu car Rolls-Royce along the Pacific Coast Highway near Rincon Beach, south of Santa Barbara. Murnau hit his head and died in a hospital the day after his car hit an electric pole.
Sir John Murray 1841 1914 73 years Scots-Canadian marine biologist car Kirkliston, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom His car overturned near his home.
M. V. V. S. Murthi 1942 2018 76 years Indian politician car Cantwell, Alaska [342]
Paola Musiani 1949 1985 35 years Italian singer car Bologna, Italy
Charles Mutschler 1955 2019 63 years American archivist car Cheney, Washington, United States [343]
Mike Muuss 1958 2000 42 years American computer programmer, creator of Ping car Havre de Grace, Maryland He died while returning home from a restaurant, when his car was involved in a multi-vehicle pileup on Interstate 95.[344]
Erik Myers 1980 2021 40 years American actor-comedian and writer pedestrian Amarillo, Texas He was hit by a van.
Aliaksei Mzhachyk 1996 2021 25 years Belarusian weightlifter car Germany


Name Birth Death Aged Nationality Notability Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
Iuliu Năftănăilă 1942 1967 25 years Romanian footballer car Făgăraș, Romania Crashed into a tree.
Shobha Nagi Reddy 1968 2014 45 years Indian politician car Hyderabad, India [345]
Kinjarapu Yerran Naidu 1957 2012 55 years Indian politician car Ranasthalam, India [346]
Eric Namesnik 1970 2006 35 years American swimmer, Olympic medalist car Pittsfield Township, Michigan He died in Ypsilanti, Michigan from his injuries a week after a car crash.
Dorothy Napangardi 2013 Australian indigenous artist car [347]
Norberto Napolitano 1950 2005 54 years Argentinian blues and metal/rock musician motorcycle Harley-Davidson route 5, km 71, Luján, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina [348]
Nicolás Naranjo 1990 2021 31 years Argentinian racing cyclist bicycle Mendoza, Argentina
Hiromu Naruse 1944 2010 67 years Japanese chief test driver and chief test engineer of Toyota car Lexus LFA Nürburgring Edition Boos, Mayen-Koblenz, Germany Veered onto the path of a prototype BMW 3 Series, also on a testing exercise, frontally. All three occupants involved wore helmets.[349][350][351][352]
John Nash 1928 2015 86 years American mathematician taxi Ford Crown Victoria Monroe Township, New Jersey [353]
Atashasta Justus Nditiye 1969 2021 51 years Tanzanian politician car Dodoma, Tanzania
Adam Ndlovu 1970 2012 42 years Zimbabwean footballer car Victoria Falls Airport, Zimbabwe [354]
Merv Neagle 1958 2012 54 years Australian footballer truck Tharbogang, New South Wales, Australia Neagle's B-double truck flipped over and crushed the cabin.[355]
Louis Neefs 1937 1980 42 years Belgian singer and presenter car Lier, Antwerp Province, Belgium Neefs and his wife Liliane were killed on Christmas Day when another car hit theirs. Their 15-year old son survived.[356]
Abdou Nef 1995 2013 18 years Algerian footballer car Boumerdès, Boumerdès Province, Algeria [357]
Franz Leopold Neumann 1900 1954 54 years German-Jewish political activist car Visp, Switzerland
Anele Ngcongca 1987 2020 33 years South African footballer car KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Yves Niare 1977 2012 35 years French shot putter car Pirmil, France [358]
John Nicholson 1936 1966 29 years English footballer car Doncaster, England, United Kingdom [359]
Rudolf Nierlich 1966 1991 25 years Austrian Alpine skier car Sankt Wolfgang im Salzkammergut, Vienna, Austria
Richard Nixon 1965 1992 26 years Australian Australian rules footballer van (passenger) Millicent, South Australia, Australia He was one of seven occupants in the van that collided with a truck.
Elli Norkett 1996 2017 20 years Welsh rugby union player car Neath Port Talbot, Wales, United Kingdom [360]
Ralph Norwood 1966 1989 23 years American American football player car Suwanee, Georgia Veered off down an embankment into a tree 8 miles (13 km) from his team's training complex.[361][362]
Emiddio Novi 1946 2018 72 years Italian journalist and politician car Sant'Agata di Puglia, Italy [363]
Nujabes 1974 2010 36 years Japanese record producer, DJ car Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan [364]
Mthokozisi Nxumalo 1989 2021 32 years South African politician car Nongoma, South Africa
Siddu B. Nyamagouda 2018 70 years Indian politician car [365]


Name Birth Death Aged Nationality Notability Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
Richard O'Brien 1956 2017 60 years American newscaster car [366]
Frank O'Hara 1926 1966 40 years American writer pedestrian Fire Island, New York O'Hara was struck by a jeep when the taxi he was riding in broke down on the side of the road and he went out to help investigate the problem. He died of a ruptured liver the next day.
Gene O'Quin 1932 1978 46 years American country and honky tonk singer car Riverside, California The car he was in was hit by a bus.
John O'Quinn 1941 2009 68 years American lawyer car Chevrolet Suburban Houston, Texas O'Quinn was driving twice the 40 mph speed limit in the rain at 8 am where his Suburban slammed into a tree.[367][368][369]
Paul O'Sullivan 1964 2012 48 years Canadian comedian car Peterborough, Ontario, Canada O'Sullivan's car left the road and struck a parked flatbed truck.[370]
Berry Oakley 1948 1972 24 years American bass guitarist for the Allman Brothers Band motorcycle Macon, Georgia Oakley was driving around a sharp right bend of the road when he crossed the line and collided with a city bus making the bend from the opposite direction. He was thrown from his bike and struck his head. He said he was okay, declined medical treatment, and caught a ride home. Three hours later, he was rushed to the hospital where he died of cerebral swelling caused by a fractured skull.
Barack Obama Sr. 1936 1982 46 years Kenyan economist; father of Barack Obama car Nairobi, Kenya After surviving two car crashes, a third one unfortunately took his life.
Solomon Oboh 1989 2013 23 years Nigerian footballer car Ughelli, Nigeria [371]
Sigifredo Ochoa 1942 2023 80 years Salvadoran military officer and politician car (passenger) San Juan Opico, El Salvador Ochoa was a passenger in a vehicle on the highway heading to Quezaltepeque when the driver, 64- year old Emma Micaela Friedman de Martínez lost control and crashed into the back of a parked truck. Sigifredo was trapped under the truck and was freed using hydraulic equipment, but died from injuries hours later in hospital.
James Ocholi 1960 2016 55 years Nigerian politician car Kaduna, Abuja [372]
Frank Odoi 1948 2012 63 or 64 years Ghanaian cartoonist bus Nairobi, Kenya [373][374]
Patricia Ofori 1981 2011 29 years Ghanaian footballer car Ford Mustang Huntsville, Alabama, United States
Daihachi Oguchi 1924 2008 84 years Japanese drummer (Osuwa Daiko) pedestrian Japan [375]
Oh Se-jong 1982 2016 33 years South Korean short track speed skater motorcycle Seoul, South Korea [376]
Masao Ohba 1949 1973 23 years Japanese boxer car Chevrolet Corvette Tokyo, Japan Ohba died on an expressway in Tokyo, when his car hit a truck coming down the opposite lane.
Metin Oktay 1936 1991 55 years Turkish footballer car Istanbul, Turkey
Daisuke Oku 1976 2014 38 years Japanese footballer car Miyakojima, Miyako-jima, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan
Criss Oliva 1963 1993 30 years American lead guitarist and co-founder of heavy metal band Savatage car Mazda RX-7 near Zephyrhills, Florida His wife Dawn was a passenger when he was struck by a drunk driver. Dawn survived, but Criss died immediately.
José Oliva 1971 1997 26 years Dominican baseball player car San Cristóbal, Dominican Republic Car overturned.
Max Orr 1931 1955 24 years Australian Australian rules footballer van Melton, Victoria, Australia He collided with a semi trailer and died instantly. His father, who was a passenger, was injured.
Eli Ostreicher 1983 2023 39 years British-born American serial entrepreneur motorcycle Thailand
Mel Ott 1909 1958 49 years American baseball player and Hall of Famer car New Orleans, Louisiana He died one week after a head-on collision in which the other driver died instantly.
Willem van Otterloo 1907 1978 70 years Dutch conductor, cellist and composer car St Kilda East, Victoria, Australia He died from injuries suffered in an automobile crash.
Ricardo Otxoa 1974 2001 26 years Spanish racing cyclist bicycle Cártama, Spain Ricardo and his twin brother Javier were hit by a car during a training ride. Ricardo died while Javier survived despite being in a coma afterwards.
Lassaâd Ouertani 1980 2013 32 years Tunisian footballer car Tunis, Tunisia [377]
David Overstreet 1958 1984 25 years American football player car 1980 Mercedes Winona, Texas
Şehmus Özer 1980 2016 36 years Turkish footballer SUV Range Rover Sivrice, Elazığ, Turkey


Name Birth Death Aged Nationality Notability Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
Ignacio Padilla 1968 2016 47 years Mexican writer car Querétaro, Mexico Padilla was driving at the central state of Querétaro when his car collided with another vehicle.[378]
Luis Fernando Páez 1989 2019 29 years Paraguayan footballer car Mariano Roque Alonso, Paraguay
Carlos Paião 1957 1988 30 years Portuguese singer-songwriter car Datsun Urvan Rio Maior, Santarém District, Portugal
Alan J. Pakula 1928 1998 70 years American film producer car 1995 Volvo Melville, New York [379]
Johnny Palermo 1982 2009 27 years American television actor car North Hollywood, California He and his girlfriend were both killed in the crash.
Mauro Pane 1963 2014 50 years Italian racing driver car (passenger) between Tromello and Gambolò, Lomellina, Italy [380]
Pantelis Pantelidis 1983 2016 32 years Greek singer-songwriter car Elliniko, Greece [381]
Sibusiso Papa 1987 2014 26 years South African footballer car [382]
Fran Papasedero 1969 2003 34 Years American arena football player and coach car Lexus sedan Orlando, Florida Car lost control and rolled four times; ejected due to not wearing seat belt.[383]
Park Chul-soo 1948 2013 64 years South Korean film director car Yongin, Gyeonggi Province, Seoul, South Korea [384]
Mike Parkes 1931 1977 45 years English auto racer car Turin, Italy
Jordan Parsons 1990 2016 25 years American mixed martial artist pedestrian Delray Beach, Florida Parsons was crossing an intersection on foot when he was struck by a vehicle.[385]
Virgil Partch 1916 1984 67 years American cartoonist car Valencia, Santa Clarita, California [386]
Frank Pastore 1957 2012 55 years American baseball player motorcycle Upland, California
David Patten 1974 2021 47 years American football player motorcycle Columbia, South Carolina Collided with a sedan, which later collided with another vehicle.
Jarrod Patterson 1973 2020 46 years American Baseball player car Clanton, Alabama Two-vehicle crash. The driver of the other car was also killed.
Roger Patterson 1968 1991 22 years American bassist for rock band Atheist car
Simon Patterson 1982 2006 24 years English footballer car BMW 328i Shepherd's Bush, London, England
George S. Patton 1885 1945 60 years American General car 1939 Cadillac Series 75 near Mannheim, Germany Hit limousine detachment. Died from complications 12 days later.
Alexandra Paul 1991 2023 31 years Canadian figure skater car Country Road 124 in Melancthon, Ontario, Canada Stopped in a line of traffic in a construction zone when a tractor trailer crashed into the line of cars. Although others were injured, Paul is the only reported fatality.
Butch Paul 1943 1966 22 years Canadian ice hockey player car Memphis, Tennessee
Henri Paul 1956 1997 41 years French chauffeur car Mercedes-Benz S280 Pont de l'Alma tunnel, Paris See also Death of Diana, Princess of Wales.
Oswaldo Payá 1952 2012 60 years Cuban dissident and political activist car Bayamo, Cuba Died under controversial circumstances. The Cuban government stated that the driver had lost control of the vehicle and collided with a tree, while Payá's children and one of the car's passengers asserted that the car had been deliberately run off of the road.[387]
Charles E. M. Pearce 1940 2012 72 years New Zealander mathematician car Manakaiua River, West Coast, New Zealand [388]
Sebastijan Pečjak 1976 2012 35 years Slovenian darts player motorcycle Ljubljana, Slovenia [389]
Yadier Pedroso 1986 2013 26 years Cuban baseball pitcher car Cuba
José Pedrozo 1982 2021 38 years Paraguayan footballer car Misiones, Paraguay
George Pelawa 1968 1986 18 years American ice hockey player car (passenger) Bemidji, Minnesota The fatal crash occurred three months after he was selected by the Calgary Flames in the 1986 NHL Entry Draft.
David Penhaligon 1944 1986 42 years British politician car Rover SD1 Truck Fork, Probus, Cornwall, England, United Kingdom
Eddie Peregrina 1944 1977 32 years Filipino singer car Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines Peregrina rides in a central EDSA when it collided with a truck.
Fábio Pereira de Azevedo 1977 2018 41 years Brazilian footballer car Maravilha, Brazil [390]
Maicon Pereira de Oliveira 1988 2014 25 years Brazilian footballer car Donetsk, Ukraine [391]
AJ Perez 1993 2011 18 years Filipino actor van (passenger) Moncada, Tarlac, Philippines Perez was riding in an ABS-CBN service van when it collided with another vehicle.[392]
Halina Perez 1981 2004 22 years Filipina actress van (passenger) Del Gallego, Camarines Norte, Philippines Perez was riding in a van as a passenger when it collided with another vehicle. Her neck was broken and although she was still breathing when rescuers arrived, she was dead on reaching hospital.[393]
Åke Persson 1932 1975 42 years Swedish jazz trombonist car Stockholm, Sweden On February 5, 1975, he drove his car into the Djurgården canal in Stockholm and drowned. It is unknown if it was accidental or deliberate.
Maurício Alves Peruchi 1990 2014 24 years Brazilian footballer (striker) car Gauchy, Hauts-de-France, France
Saleem Pervez 1947 2013 65 years Pakistani cricketer car Lahore, Pakistan [394]
Pessalli 1990 2017 26 years Brazilian footballer car Curitiba, Brazil [395]
Odirlei Pessoni 1982 2021 38 years Brazilian bobsledder motorcycle Ibiraci, Brazil
Dražen Petrović 1964 1993 28 years Croatian basketball player car Volkswagen Golf Bundesautobahn 9 near Denkendorf, Bavaria, Germany On a cloudy and rainy afternoon, the driver of a northbound semi-trailer truck swerved to avoid a collision with a car in his lane. The truck broke through the median, blocking all three southbound lanes. Seconds later, the car in which Petrović was a passenger hit the truck. The sleeping Petrović, who was not seat-belted, died on impact. His girlfriend, who was driving, and another passenger in the car suffered grave injuries, but survived.
Peter Pettalia 1955 2016 61 years American politician motorcycle Montmorency County, Michigan
Ouk Phalla 2018 39 years Cambodian dancer (member of royal family) car Sihanoukville Province, Cambodia [396]
Vince Phason 1953 2018 65 years American football player car Denver, Colorado, United States
Bobby Phills 1969 2000 30 years American basketball player car 1997 Porsche 993 Cabriolet Charlotte, North Carolina [397]
Mark Philo 1984 2006 21 years English footballer car Vauxhall Astra Reading, Berkshire, England, United Kingdom
Peace Pilgrim 1908 1981 72 years American Peace activist car Knox, Indiana Birth name Mildred Lisette Norman. Walked across the United States seven times over a span of 28 years, speaking with others about peace.[398]
Rajesh Pilot 1945 2000 55 years Indian Indian Minister and politician from Congress party jeep Jaipur, India [399][400]
Andrea Pininfarina 1957 2008 51 years Italian engineer and manager, CEO of Pininfarina scooter Vespa GT60 Trofarello, Piedmont, Italy [401]
Ja'far Pishevari 1893 1947 53–54 years Persian founder and chairman of short-lived Azerbaijan People's Government car Baku, Azerbaijan
Audie Pitre 1970 1996 26 years American bassist of music group Acid Bath car Bourg-Larose Highway, Louisiana Audie Pitre and his parents were killed when they were hit head-on by a drunk driver on the Bourg-Larose Highway in Louisiana.[402]
Tulsa Pittaway 1974 2017 42 years South African musician car Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa [403]
Walter Plecker 1861 1947 86 years American physician and public health advocate pedestrian Richmond, Virginia Hit by a car.
Greg Plitt 1977 2015 37 years American fitness model, actor pedestrian Burbank, California, United States Struck by a train.
Vasek Polak 1914 1997 82 years American racing team owner car 1997 Porsche 993 Turbo S German Autobahn, Germany Died from injuries in Great Falls, Montana a month after he crashed his car on a German autobahn.[404][405]
Jackson Pollock 1912 1956 44 years American artist car 1950 Oldsmobile 88 convertible Springs, New York Intoxicated while driving.[406]
Jim Pomeroy 1952 2006 53 years American motocross racer car Jeep Yakima, Washington Single vehicle, rollover crash.[407]
Wangnia Pongte 2013 60 years Indian football and politician car [408]
Anca Pop 1984 2018 34 years Romanian/Canadian singer car Svinița, Mehedinți County, România [409]
Krystian Popiela 1998 2018 20 years Polish footballer car Wola Wielka, Poland
Ben Portis 1960 2017 56 years Canadian artist and curator car [410]
Viktor Potapov 1947 2017 70 years Russian sailor car Dolgoprudny, Moscow Oblast, Russia [411]
Cozy Powell 1947 1998 50 years British drummer with Whitesnake car Saab 9000 M4 motorway, Bristol, England, United Kingdom Powell's blood-alcohol reading shown that he was over the legal limit at the time of crash, also he was not wearing a seatbelt, and was talking to his girlfriend on his mobile phone while driving.[412]
Richie Powell 1931 1956 24 years American jazz pianist car (passenger) near Bedford, Pennsylvania He was killed in the same crash that killed jazz trumpeter Clifford Brown.
David Prater 1937 1988 50 years American soul singer; one half of Sam & Dave car Sycamore, Georgia
Steve Prefontaine 1951 1975 24 years American athlete car MG MGB Eugene, Oregon Car swerved, hit a rock wall, and flipped, trapping him underneath. A witness saw him alive beneath the car, but could not move the vehicle. By the time the witness returned with help, Prefontaine had died.
June Preisser 1920 1984 64 years American actress car Florida Son Ricky Preisser lost control of vehicle on rain-slick road, killing himself and mother.
Toše Proeski 1981 2007 26 years Macedonian pop star car Volkswagen Touareg Nova Gradiška, Brod-Posavina County, Croatia Driver's inattention allowed the car to crash into the back of a truck trailer on the A3 motorway. Proeski was sitting in the front passenger seat and was killed instantly. Car's speed was 140–171 km/h (87–106 mph), but experts found it did not play a role in the singer's death.[413][414]
Jory Prum 1975 2016 41 years American audio engineer motorcycle Palo Alto, California [415]
Buford Pusser 1937 1974 36 years American Sheriff of McNairy County, Tennessee car Chevrolet Corvette near Adamsville, Tennessee[416] Pusser died from injuries sustained when he struck an embankment at high speed and was ejected from the vehicle and the car caught fire and burned.


Name Birth Death Aged Nationality Notability Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
Eric Qin 1967 1993 25 years American experimental music composer bicycle Upper West Side, Manhattan, New York
Valérie Quennessen 1957 1989 31 years French actress car A13 autoroute, France
Ludovic Quistin 1984 2012 28 years Guadeloupean footballer car Grande-Terre, Guadeloupe [417]
Jocelyn Quivrin 1979 2009 30 years French actor car Ariel Atom Saint-Cloud, Hauts-de-Seine, France Lost control while driving on a wet highway.


Name Birth Death Aged Nationality Notability Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
Ntuthuko Radebe 1994 2017 22 years South African footballer car Johannesburg, South Africa [418]
Varkala Radhakrishnan 1927 2010 83 years Indian politician car Thiruvananthapuram, India
Darko Radovanović 1975 2011 35 years Serbian singer car Belgrade, Serbia
Mamie Rallins 1941 2016 74 years American hurdler car Fremont, Ohio Rallins lost control on the collision.[419]
Dottie Rambo 1934 2008 74 years American gospel singer and songwriter tour bus Mount Vernon, Missouri
Paul Ramos 1990 2019 28 years Argentinian footballer car Córdoba, Argentina
Manjural Islam Rana 1984 2007 22 years Bangladeshi cricketer motorcycle Khulna, Bangladesh Collided with a microbus and then hit an electrical pole.
Joe Ranft 1960 2005 45 years American animator and voice actor for Pixar car 2004 Honda Element California State Route 1, Mendocino County, California [420]
Razzle 1960 1984 24 years British Hanoi Rocks drummer car De Tomaso Pantera Redondo Beach, California Car was driven by its owner, Vince Neil who crashed while driving intoxicated as well was speeding
Darryl Read 1951 2013 61 years British musician motorcycle Pattaya, Thailand [421]
Davide Rebellin 1971 2022 51 years Italian cyclist bicycle Montebello Vicentino, Italy A month after he retired from professional cycling, Rebellin was hit by a truck and killed while out on a training ride.[422]
Ron Rector 1944 1968 24 years American football player motorcycle Interstate 71 He suffered a fractured skull and a concussion and later died from the injuries.
Ken Reed 1941 2014 72 years Canadian CFL player car Alaska Highway [423]
Natina Reed 1980 2012 31 years American actress, rapper and singer-songwriter pedestrian Lawrenceville, Georgia She was struck by a vehicle and rushed to a close hospital in Duluth, Georgia where she was pronounced dead on arrival.
River Reeves 1996 2016 19 years British guitarist of the rock band Viola Beach car (passenger) Nissan Qashqai Södertälje, Sweden All four members of the band died in this crash, along with their manager. See under Craig Tarry.
Clay Regazzoni 1939 2006 67 years Swiss retired racing driver car Chrysler Voyager A1 Autostrada, near Parma, Italy
Bruce K. Reid 1950 1970 20 years Australian Australian rules football player car Leeton, New South Wales, Australia
Ebony Reigns 1997 2018 20 years Ghanaian singer car Sunyani, Ghana [424]
Don Reinhoudt 1945 2023 78 years American weightlifter car Chautauqa County, New York Reinhoudt crashed into a tree in a one vehicle accident in New York and died from his injuries.
Wolfgang Reitherman 1909 1985 75 years American film director, producer & animator for Disney single-car Burbank, California [425]
José Antonio Reyes 1983 2019 35 years Spanish footballer car between Utrera and Seville, Spain
Don Rich 1941 1974 32 years American country music musician and singer; member of Buck Owens' Buckaroos motorcycle near Bakersfield, California Struck a guardrail after losing control of his motorcycle on Highway 99 north of Bakersfield, while traveling to Morro Bay for a family vacation.
Jacques Richard 1952 2002 50 years Canadian ice hockey player car Issoudun, Quebec, Canada Crashed into a culvert.
Gareth Richards 1979 2023 43 years British comedian car M25 Motorway near Heathrow Airport He was involved in a collision that caused severe brain injuries, putting him on life support in a London hospital. Just over a week after the accident, he died.
Ed "Doc" Ricketts 1897 1948 50 years American Collaborator with John Steinbeck, inspiration for "Doc" in Cannery Row. car Monterey, California Struck by passenger train.
Gregory Rigters 1985 2017 32 years Surinamese footballer car Paramaribo, Suriname [426]
Freddy Rincón 1966 2022 55 years Colombian footballer Cali, Colombia Died from head injuries sustained in a traffic collision
Cowboy Slim Rinehart 1911 1948 37 years American country & western singer car Detroit, Michigan
Jennie Robak 1932 2014 81 years American politician car Lincoln, Nebraska [427]
Rockin' Robin Roberts 1940 1967 27 years American rock and roll singer for The Fabulous Wailers car San Mateo County, California Killed on impact after traveling the wrong way on a divided freeway.
Derrell Robertson 1967 1994 27 years American CFL football player car Dallas, Texas
Isiah Robertson 1949 2018 69 years American football player limousine Dallas, Texas Rain and driving at high speeds caused a three-car crash.[428]
Kenny Robinson 1969 1999 29 years American major league baseball pitcher car Tucson, Arizona
Graciano Rocchigiani 1963 2018 54 years German boxer pedestrian Belpasso, Italy [429]
John D. Rockefeller III 1906 1978 72 years American philanthropist car Mount Pleasant, New York He was en route to Pocantico Hills from his farm in Mount Pleasant when a teenaged driver crashed head-on into the car Rockefeller's secretary was driving.
Rodrigo Bueno 1973 2000 27 years Argentinian cuarteto singer and songwriter car Ford Explorer Berazategui Partido, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Paulo Rodrigues da Silva 1986 2012 25 years Brazilian footballer car Bohutín, Czech Republic [430]
Andres Rodriguez 1984 2016 31 years Venezuelan show jumper car Wellington, Florida [431]
Aurelio Rodríguez 1947 2000 52 years Mexican baseball player pedestrian Detroit, Michigan Hit by a woman with suspended license.
Joe Rollino[432] 1905 2010 104 years American strongman pedestrian Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, New York Crossing street 40 ft (12 m) from nearest crosswalk.
Maxi Rolón 1995 2022 27 years Argentine footballer car near Casilda, Argentina Both Maxi and his brother Ariel were in a vehicle that went off the road and crashed head on into a nearby tree. Both Maxi and Ariel died from the injuries.
Jean Rondeau 1946 1985 39 years French racing driver and race car builder car Champagné, France Attempted to drive through a closed level crossing to follow a police car and was struck by a train.
Ed Ross 1965 2016 50 years American photographer motorcycle near Yosemite National Park [433]
Hansford Rowe 1924 2017 93 years American actor car [434]
Jerry Rubin 1938 1994 56 years American social activist pedestrian Los Angeles, California Jaywalked on Wilshire Boulevard and was struck by a car. Died of a heart attack while hospitalized.
Porfirio Rubirosa 1909 1965 56 years Dominican Dominican diplomat car 1960 Ferrari 250 GT Cabriolet Paris, France Crashed into a tree while driving intoxicated.[435]
Chico Ruiz 1938 1972 33 years Cuban baseball player car San Diego, California He drove into a sign pole.
Ted Rusoff 1939 2013 74 years Canadian-American actor car Rome, Italy
Darrell Russell 1976 2005 29 years American football player car (passenger) 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix Los Angeles, California Car was driven by former teammate Michael Bastianelli, who was also killed.[436]
Frank Ryan 1960 2010 50 years American plastic surgeon car 1995 Jeep Wrangler California State Route 1, Malibu, California Car drove off the cliff, his passenger Jill the dog was thrown out of the vehicle but survived with some minor injuries. Likely to have been caused by "tweeting" while driving.[437]


Name Birth Death Aged Nationality Notability Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
Natasja Saad 1974 2007 32 years Danish rapper and reggae singer car Spanish Town, Jamaica
Silvester Sabolčki 1979 2003 23 years Croatian footballer car Audi A3 Varaždin, Croatia Sabolčki's vehicle was torn apart upon hitting two light poles and traffic signs at high speed. He and two other passengers were ejected from the vehicle and killed instantly.[438]
Keiji Sada 1926 1964 37 years Japanese actor car Nirasaki, Yamanashi, Japan
Roei Sadan 1982 2021 39 years Israeli cyclist bicycle Israel He was hit by a bus while cycling.
Alex Sadkin 1949 1987 38 years American record producer car Nassau County, Florida
Sumy Sadurni 1989 2022 32 years Chilean photojournalist Uganda Sadurni was killed in a traffic crash in Uganda. A Ugandan NGO worker, named Thomas Mugisha was also killed in the crash.
Dulce Saguisag 1943 2007 64 years Filipina politician van (passenger) Toyota Grandia Makati, Philippines Saguisag was riding in a van when it collided with another vehicle.[439]
Proloy Saha 1968 2016 47 years Indian football car Odisha, India [440]
Sultan Saif 1993 2020 27 years Emirati footballer car Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Gonzague Saint Bris 1948 2017 69 years French Novelist, biographer & journalist car Saint-Hymer, Calvados, France [441]
Yakkun Sakurazuka 1976 2013 37 years Japanese comedian car Mine, Yamaguchi, Japan [442]
Emanuel Saldaño 1985 2014 28 years Argentinian cyclist bicycle Argentina [443]
Jlloyd Samuel 1981 2018 37 years Trinidadian footballer car High Legh, Cheshire, England, United Kingdom Samuel was travelling home after taking his children to school on the morning of May 15, 2018 when he collided with a lorry and was killed.[444]
Adán Sánchez 1984 2004 19 years Mexican singer car (passenger) 1990 Lincoln Town Car Sinaloa, Mexico A tire blew causing the driver to lose control and rolled into a ditch. Sánchez died of his injuries in the hospital.
David Sánchez 1992 2017 25 years Mexican boxer car Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico Pre-dawn, driving at the speed, crashed into a highway.[445]
Salvador Sánchez 1959 1982 23 years Mexican boxer car 1981 Porsche 928 Mexican federal highway, north of Santiago de Querétaro Pre-dawn, driving at high speed, crashed into a heavily loaded tractor-trailer.[446]
Richard Sanders 1945 1972 27 years American amateur wrestler car Land Rover Skopje, Yugoslavia Following the 1972 Olympic Games, Sanders began touring Europe. While hitchhiking to Greece, the vehicle he was riding in crashed head-on into a bus.
Keith Sanderson 1940 2022 82 years British footballer car Levens, Cumbria [447][448]
Maurie Sankey 1940 1965 25 years Australian Australian rules footballer car Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia Head-on collision.
Maharajapuram Santhanam 1928 1992 63 years Indian guru and exponent of Indian classical music car Tindivanam, India Maharajapuram died on June 24, 1992, in a car crash near Tindivanam.[449]
Benoît Sauvageau 1963 2006 42 years Canadian politician and educator car Repentigny, Quebec, Canada He was distracted by his cell phone use while driving, causing the crash.
Alexei Savin 1986 2007 21 years Belarusian ice hockey player bicycle Chelyabinsk, Russia He was hit by a car while riding his bicycle.
Jessica Savitch 1947 1983 36 years American journalist car 1982 Oldsmobile station wagon Pennsylvania Canal (Delaware Division), USA In heavy rainfall, Savitch was a passenger in the back seat with her dog. The vehicle veered too far left and fell over the canal wall, landing upside-down and in deep mud. All inside were trapped and drowned.
Michele Scarponi 1979 2017 37 years Italian competitive cyclist bicycle Filottrano, Italy He was cycling on a training ride on a road near his home town and was in a collision with a van at an intersection.[450]
James Schaefer 1938 2018 79 years American politician UTV Kennebec, South Dakota [451]
Robert Schimmel 1950 2010 60 years American comedian car (passenger) Scottsdale, Arizona Schimmel was being driven by his 19-year-old daughter Aliyah when the car veered off the road to avoid a collision with a passerby. The car flipped on its side and came to a stop at Loop 101 freeway. While Aliyah was in stable condition, Robert died in the hospital eight days later from his injuries.
Ursula Wolff Schneider 1906 1977 71 years German, American photojournalist car On August 4, 1977, she was killed in an automobile crash.[452]
Josef Schnitzer[453] 1939 1978 39 years German racing driver and founder of Schnitzer Motorsport car
Henry Schultz 1893 1938 45 years American economist car San Diego, California
Chico Science 1966 1997 30 years Brazilian singer, songwriter car Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil
Gaetano Scirea 1953 1989 36 years Italian footballer car (passenger) Polski Fiat 125p Babsk, Poland The car carrying him and three other people was hit from behind by a van. The track carried four canisters of gasoline, which exploded on impact, killing Scirea and two other passengers.
Caleb Scofield 1979 2018 39 years American bassist and singer (member of Cave In, Old Man Gloom and Zozobra) car Bedford, New Hampshire [454]
Ramblin' Tommy Scott 1917 2013 96 years American musician and vocalist car Toccoa, Georgia
Malik Sealy 1970 2000 30 years American basketball player SUV St. Louis Park, Minnesota He was on his way home from a birthday celebration when he collided with a truck, whose driver was drunk, and was killed.
W. G. Sebald 1944 2001 57 years German novelist car near Norwich, United Kingdom Sebald suffered an aneurysm while driving and died of this condition before his car swerved across the road and collided with an oncoming truck. His daughter Anna survived the crash.
Mihail Sebastian 1907 1945 38 years Romanian writer pedestrian Bucharest, Romania Hit by a truck.
Molefi Sefularo 1957 2010 52 years South African Deputy Minister of Health car N4, Pretoria, South Africa [455]
Ric Segreto 1952 1998 45 years Filipino singer (member of APO Hiking Society) motorcycle Makati, Philippines [456]
Raul Costa Seibeb 1992 2017 25 years Namibian cyclist bicycle Windhoek, Namibia [457]
Donald Sellers 1974 2001 26 years American football player car Wickenburg, Arizona He lost control of the vehicle and crashed.
Frank Serafine 1953 2018 65 years American sound designer and editor pedestrian Palmdale, California [458]
Antonio Serapio 1937 2007 69 years Filipino lawmaker car Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija, Philippines Serapio was riding in car when it collided with another vehicle.[459]
Luca Serianni 1947 2022 74 years Italian linguist pedestrian Ostia, Italy Was crossing the street in a pedestrian crossing in Ostia when he was hit by a car and died.
John Nanzip Shagaya 1942 2018 75 years Nigerian politician car Amper, Kanke LGA Plateau State, Nigeria
Mufti Abdul Shakoor 2023 Pakistani politician car Islamabad, Pakistan While driving his vehicle from a hotel to Secretariat Chowk, Shakoor was struck by a Toyota Hilux Revo that had five passengers and struck Shakoor's side of his vehicle. Shakoor was airlifted to a hospital in the capital but died due to internal bleeding caused by the crash. 2 of the 5 men in the other vehicle were injured and all were arrested by police.
Mike Sharperson 1961 1996 34 years American baseball player car Las Vegas, Nevada
Shawty Lo 1976 2016 40 years American rapper car Audi A7 Atlanta, Georgia Collided with another vehicle.[460]
Andrey Shcharbakow 1991 2018 27 years Belarusian footballer car Talachyn, Belarus [461]
Alexander Fu Sheng 1954 1983 28 years Hong Konger martial arts actor car (passenger) Porsche 911 Targa Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong Collision with concrete wall.
Larisa Shepitko 1938 1979 41 years Soviet Russian film director car near Tver, Russia
Samadagha Shikhlarov 1955 2021 65 years Azerbaijani footballer car Baku, Azerbaijan
Sadamu Shimomura 1887 1968 80 years Japanese army general car Tokyo, Japan
Gene Shoemaker 1928 1997 69 years American (astro)geologist and astronomer car Australia Head-on collision on the Tanami Road near Alice Springs.
Alaa al-Siddiq 1988 2021 33 years Emirati human rights activist car Shipton-under-Wychwood, United Kingdom
Obaid Siddiqi 1932 2013 81 years Indian biologist and academic car Bangalore, India [462]
Björn Sieber 1989 2012 23 years Austrian alpine skier car Schwarzenberg, Austria
Karen Silkwood 1946 1974 28 years American labor activist car 1974 Honda Civic Crescent, Oklahoma Silkwood's body was found in her car which had run off the road and struck a culvert. Some journalists have theorized that her car was rammed from behind by another vehicle with the intent to cause her death.[463]
Elizete da Silva 1971 2017 46 years Brazilian heptathlon car Londrina, Brazil [464]
Trinidad Silva 1950 1988 38 years American Hill Street Blues actor car Whittier, California Collided with a drunken driver.
Wayne Simmons 1969 2002 32 years American football player car Mercedes Independence, Missouri Simmons was killed in a single-car crash on Interstate 70. Witnesses report he was driving at high speed, weaving through traffic before losing control. The car rolled several times before landing in a ditch and catching fire.
Brian Simnjanovski 1981 2009 27 years American football player car Audi A4 San Diego, California Simnjanovski was driving alone when his car left the road and collided with a tree.[465]
Bob Simon 1941 2015 73 years American journalist rental limousine (back seat passenger) Lincoln Town Car New York City Crash occurred on West Side Highway of Manhattan, New York City. Simon's for-hire driver lost control, resulting in a collision with another vehicle. Simon was extracted from the roof of the limo by rescue workers and transported to St. Luke's–Roosevelt Hospital, where he later died after suffering a severe head trauma and a broken neck.
Gazmend Sinani 1991 2018 27 years Kosovan basketball player car Gjakova, Kosovo
Rekha Sindhu 1995 2017 22 years Indian actress car Chennai, Bengaluru, India [466]
Lokendra Singh 1976 2018 41 years Indian politician car Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh, India [467]
Bjørn Skaare 1958 1989 30 years Norwegian ice hockey player car Sweden
Imogen Skirving 1937 2016 78 years British hotelier car Menorca, Balearic Islands, Spain
Peter Slaghuis 1961 1991 30 years Dutch DJ, record producer and remixer car Amsterdam, Netherlands
Paul Smart 1943 2021 78 years English short circuit motorcycle road racer motorcycle Ducati Kent, England, United Kingdom Collision with a car while travelling on A21.[468]
Bessie Smith 1894 1937 43 years American blues singer car (passenger) between Memphis, Tennessee, and Clarksdale, Mississippi Smith was critically injured in a car crash while traveling along U.S. Route 61.
Darren Smith 1972 1992 20 years Australian cyclist bicycle Gold Coast road in Australia Just months after competing at the Barcelona Olympics, Smith was killed in a crash while training.
Horace Smith-Dorrien 1858 1930 72 years British soldier car Chippenham, Wiltshire, England, United Kingdom
Nels J. Smith 1939 2023 84 years American politician car Chrysler minivan U.S. 85 North of Lingle, Wyoming Both Smith and his wife were driving on U.S. 85 when the vehicle crossed the center line and hit another vehicle head on. Both Smith and his wife, along with the other driver died at the scene.
Pete Smith 1944 2021 76 years British racing cyclist bicycle Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom
Dan Snyder 1978 2003 25 years Canadian ice hockey player car Ferrari 360 Atlanta, Georgia Sped at high speeds, lost control, and skidded into brick pillar. Snyder died from his injuries days later.
Bahattin Sofuoğlu 1978 2002 24 years Turkish motorcycle racer pedestrian Adapazarı, Turkey
Sinan Sofuoğlu 1982 2008 25 years Turkish motorcycle racer motorcycle Körfez, Turkey
Sophan Sophiaan 1935 2008 73 years Indonesian actor, director, politician motorcycle Harley Davidson Ngawi, Indonesia
Chris Anker Sørensen 1984 2021 37 years Danish road bicycle racer bicycle Zeebrugge, Belgium Struck by a van.
Dario Sorrentino 1957 2021 64 years Italian medical researcher mountain bike Alghero, Italy
Red Sovine 1917 1980 62 years American country music singer van 1979 Ford Econoline 150 Nashville, Tennessee He suffered a heart attack while crossing an intersection and collided with another vehicle. He was pronounced dead when paramedics arrived.
Ferario Spasov 1962 2023 61 years Bulgarian footballer and manager car Bulgaria Spasov's car was hit by a speeding Mercedes, sending him into oncoming lanes.
Rick Speare 1947 2016 68 years Australian public health physician car Atherton Tablelands, Australia [469]
Willie Spence 1999 2022 23 years American singer and television personality car Chattanooga, Tennessee [470]
Brunello Spinelli 1939 2018 78 years Italian water polo player car Florence, Italy [471]
Andy Spiva 1955 1979 24 years American football player car Atlanta, Georgia Rainy conditions made for dangerous driving when he slid off a street and collided with a tree.
Robin Spry 1939 2005 65 years Canadian film director car Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Aart Staartjes 1938 2020 81 years Dutch actor, director, television presenter and documentary maker car Groningen, Netherlands
Clyde Stacy 1936 2013 77 years American singer car Muskogee, Oklahoma [472][473]
Burry Stander 1987 2013 25 years South African mountain biker bicycle Shelly Beach, South Africa Collision with a taxibus[474]
Leroy Stanton 1946 2019 72 years American baseball player car Florence County, South Carolina, United States [475]
Reverend Father Stanton 1880 1937 56 years Canadian-American Canadian football coach and missionary car near Cedar Springs, Michigan [476]
Victor Starffin 1916 1957 40 years Japanese baseball player car Tokyo, Japan
Wallace Stegner 1909 1993 84 years American Pulitzer Prize-winning author car Santa Fe, New Mexico Died days after a crash.
John Steiner 1941 2022 81 years English actor La Quinta, California
Dick Stello 1934 1987 53 years American National League umpire pedestrian Lakeland, Florida Crushed between two parked cars along a highway after one was struck by a third.
Nigel Stepney 1958 2014 55 years British race car mechanic, noted for the 2007 spying scandal van Volkswagen Caddy M20 motorway, Ashford, Kent, England, United Kingdom Collision with an articulated goods vehicle while parked on hard shoulder.[477]
François Sterchele 1982 2008 26 years Belgian soccer player car Porsche Cayman S Beveren, Belgium He was speeding and lost control, crashing into a tree.
Billy Stewart 1937 1970 32 years American singer car Ford Thunderbird near Smithfield, North Carolina Approaching a bridge across the Neuse River near Smithfield, North Carolina, Stewart's car left the highway, ran along the median strip at a slight angle to the highway, struck the bridge abutment, and then plunged into the river, instantly killing Stewart and his three passengers, those being his band members.
Theuns Stofberg 1955 2023 68 years South African rugby union player car outside Stellenbosch, South Africa Stofberg succumbed to his injuries in hospital after a supposed head-on three vehicle accident that caused him multiple internal injuries. It is unknown who caused the accident.
Ljubiša "Louis" Stojanović 1952 2011 59 years Serbian singer car Feketić, Serbia [478]
Bryan Stoltenberg 1972 2013 40 years American football player car Sugar Land, Texas [479]
Lynn Strait 1968 1998 30 years American vocalist of Snot car 1992 Ford Tempo Highway 101, Santa Barbara, California [480]
Boryana Straubel 1983 2021 38 years Bulgarian businesswoman and philanthropist bicycle Washoe Valley, Nevada
Chris Street 1972 1993 20 years American college basketball player car Iowa City, Iowa Collided with a snow plow.
Hannes Strydom 1965 2023 58 years South African rugby union player car Mpumalanga, South Africa
Michel Subor 1935 2022 86 years French actor
Kollam Sudhi 1984 2023 39 years Indian actor car Kaipamangalam, India Sudhi was in a car with three of his colleagues when their vehicle collided with a pickup truck. As a result, Sudhi suffered a fatal head injury that he succumbed to in a private hospital.
Joseph Michael Sullivan 1930 2013 83 years American priest car [481]
Nora Sun 1937 2011 73 years Chinese-American diplomat car Taipei, Taiwan [482]
Ashwin Sundar 1985 2017 31 years Indian race driver car BMW Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India [483]
Josef Šural 1990 2019 28 years Czech footballer minibus Alanya, Turkey He and six other players were being transported by minibus when they were involved in a crash. Šural died whereas his six teammates survived, but were still injured.
Martin Šustr 1990 2022 31 years Czech footballer car Collided with a truck and died from his injuries a few days later.
Lennart Svedberg 1944 1972 28 years Swedish ice hockey player car Timrå, Sweden Collided with a bus.
Italo Svevo 1861 1928 66 years Italian writer car Motta di Livenza near Treviso, Italy Died in a hospital the following day from the consequences of a crash.
Carla Swart 1987 2011 23 years South African cyclist bicycle South Africa Hit by a truck while training.
Colin Sylvia 1985 2018 32 years Australian Australian rules footballer car Mildura, Victoria, Australia The car Sylvia was driving collided with another vehicle.[484]
Jennifer Syme 1972 2001 28 years American actress SUV 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Los Angeles, California She died in a crash while returning home from a party at Marilyn Manson's home.
Andrew Symonds 1975 2022 46 years Australian cricketer car Hervey Range, Queensland, Australia Symonds died from injuries sustained in a single vehicle crash.


Name Birth Death Aged Nationality Notability Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
Tan See Seng 1936 2013 77 years Malaysian School principal car Kluang, Johor, Malaysia [485]
Ron Tabak 1953 1984 31 years Canadian Prism singer bicycle Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Struck by a passing vehicle, fell and hit his head on the pavement. ER doctors did not detect anything wrong with him initially. Upon being released, Tabak abruptly became abusive, prompting two police officers at the hospital to arrest him on the belief he was drunk. Later discovered unconscious in his jail cell, Tabak was rushed back to the hospital. A second examination discovered a blood clot had developed on the right side of his brain. Tabak died on Christmas Day 1984, before a pending neurosurgical operation could be performed.
Kiwako Taichi 1943 1992 48 years Japanese actress car Shizuoka, Japan [486]
Kouki Takahashi 1987 2011 23 years Japanese Grand Prix motorcycle racer car Higashimatsuyama, Saitama, Japan [487][488]
Tallys 1987 2017 30 years Brazilian attacking midfielder car Garopaba, Brazil [489]
Jamie Tape 1974 2003 28 years Australian Australian rules footballer car Adelaide, South Australia, Australia He suffered a brain aneurysm while driving.
Najeeb Tarakai 1991 2020 29 years Afghan cricketer pedestrian Jalalabad, Afghanistan He was hit by a car while crossing a road on October 2, 2020. He died four days later from a head injury sustained in the event.
Craig Tarry 1983 2016 32 years British manager of the rock band Viola Beach car Nissan Qashqai Södertälje, Sweden The car went through the barrier of a lifting bridge that had opened to let a boat go through, and plunged into the Södertälje Canal. All four members of the band, Jack Dakin, Kris Leonard, Tomas Lowe and River Reeves, were also killed.[490]
Quindon Tarver 1982 2021 38 years American R&B singer car Dallas, Texas
Doug Tassell 1945 1970 24 years Australian Australian rules footballer car Buangor, Victoria, Australia
Oscar Taveras 1992 2014 22 years Dominican baseball player car 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic The car ran off the road and hit a tree. The toxicology report indicated that Taveras' blood alcohol content was 5 times the country's legal limit.[491]
Lord Taylor of Blackburn 1929 2016 87 years British life peer mobility scooter London, England Collided with a van outside the Palace of Westminster, home of Britain's Parliament.
Ted Taylor 1934 1987 53 years American soul and R&B singer (The Cadets) car Lake Charles, Louisiana
Terry Teene 1942 2012 70 years American singer bicycle Tyler, Texas [492]

Terry died after the bicycle he was riding collided with a tow truck.

Buddy Teevens 1956 2023 66 years American football coach bicycle Florida Teevens succumbed to injuries sustained in a March 2023 crash, in which he was hit by a Ford F150. He had severed his spinal cord and had his right leg amputated as a result of the crash. He died in Boston, Massachusetts in September 2023.
Gérandale Télusma 1972 2010 39 years Haitian lawyer and politician car Desdunes, Haiti [493]
Otilino Tenorio 1980 2005 25 years Ecuadorian footballer car Quevedo, Ecuador The car in which he was travelling collided with a gas truck on the Santo Domingo-Quevedo road.
Antonia Terzi 1971 2021 50 years Italian aerodynamicist for cars car United Kingdom
Frank Teschemacher 1906 1932 25 years American jazz musician car Chicago, Illinois
Elizabeth Thabethe 1959 2021 61 years South African politician car South Africa
Thalles 1995 2019 24 years Brazilian footballer motorcycle Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Elriesa Theunissen-Fourie 1993 2019 25 years South African cricketer car Stilfontein, South Africa
Trần Phước Thọ 1993 2016 23 years Vietnamese footballer motorcycle Long An, Vietnam [494]
Mary Thom 1944 2013 68 years American feminist motorcycle Yonkers, New York
Derrick Thomas 1967 2000 33 years American football player (linebacker and defensive end) SUV 1999 Chevrolet Suburban Kansas City, Missouri En route to Kansas City International Airport, Thomas, driving erratically and at high speed on a snow packed and icy road, went off Interstate 435. One of the two other passengers that were in the car died instantly; the other, the only occupant wearing his seat belt, walked away with minor injuries. Thomas was left paralyzed from the chest down and died from a pulmonary embolism in a Miami, Florida hospital two weeks later.
Diane Thomas 1946 1985 39 years American screenwriter car (passenger) Porsche 911 Carrera Pacific Coast Highway, California Her partner, who was driving her car, was intoxicated and was driving at 80 mph (130 km/h)when they crashed.[495]
Larry Thomas 1936 1965 28 years American race car driver car Interstate 75, Georgia He was on his way to a tire test when he drove off the highway and landed in an embankment, dying at the scene.
Meamea Thomas 1987 2013 25 years I-Kiribati weightlifter car Betio, Kiribati
T. Ashton Thompson 1916 1965 49 years American U.S. Representative, Louisiana car Cadillac Interstate 85, Gastonia, North Carolina Thompson was pulled over for speeding by a North Carolina state trooper. While conversing with the trooper on the shoulder, an 18-wheeler lost control and slammed into Thompson and his vehicle, killing the Congressman. The occupants of Thompson's vehicle survived.
Richard Threlkeld 1937 2012 74 years American journalist car Mini Amagansett, New York [496]
Danny Tidwell 1984 2020 35 years American dancer car
Mitchell Todd 1991 2012 21 years Scottish rugby union player car Normanton-on-the-Wolds, England, United Kingdom [497]
Braian Toledo 1993 2020 26 years Argentinian javelin thrower motorcycle Marcos Paz, Argentina
Stacey Toran 1961 1989 27 years American football player (defensive back) car 1984 BMW Marina Del Rey, California [498]
Youcef Touati 1989 2017 27 years French footballer car A1 autoroute, France [499]
Thuy Trang 1973 2001 27 years Vietnamese-American actress car (passenger) near San Francisco, California The driver of the vehicle Trang was riding in lost control, swerved into the roadside rock face and flipped several times before hitting the safety rail and plunging over the bank. Trang died of internal injuries before reaching the hospital.
Ranking Trevor 1960 2012 52 years Jamaican reggae musician motorcycle Kingston, Jamaica [500]
Thanasis Tribonias 1984 2012 28 years Greek footballer motorcycle Athens, Greece [501]
Nicola Trussardi 1942 1999 56 years Italian fashion designer and entrepreneur car Mercedes-Benz near Milan, Italy Trussardi was killed when he lost control of his vehicle, on Tangenziale Est of Milan and hit a lamp post in the early hours; dying the following day in Milan.
Mogau Tshehla 1992 2018 26 years South African footballer car Kwaggafontein, South Africa [502]
Viktor Tsoi 1962 1990 28 years Soviet musician, songwriter, and leader of the band Kino car Aleko Latvian SSR, Soviet Union Tsoi was driving on the SlokaTalsi highway, near Tukums and Riga when his car collided with an oncoming Ikarus 250 bus. According to the official investigation, Tsoi fell asleep at the wheel while driving at a speed of at least 130 km/h.[503][504][505]
Ben Tucker 1930 2013 82 years American jazz musician car Hutchinson Island, Georgia [506]
Cliff Tucker 1989 2018 29 years American basketball player car Balmorhea, Texas [507]
Hans Olav Tungesvik 1936 2017 81 years Norwegian politician motorcycle Bergen, Norway Collided with car.[508]
Davy Tweed 1959 2021 61 years Northern Irish politician and rugby union player motorcycle County Antrim, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
Judy Tyler 1932 1957 24 years American actress car Rock River, Wyoming Tyler was killed instantly and her husband later died of his injuries in a crash on U.S. Route 30; a passenger in the other car also died.[509]
Giora Tzahor 1941 2012 70 years Israeli military & officer motorcycle Hadera, Israel [510]


Name Birth Death Aged Nationality Notability Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
Vaibhavi Upadhyay 1984 2023 38 years Indian actress car Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India In vehicle with her fiance when it plummeted into a gorge.
Chinedu Udoji 1989 2018 28 years Nigerian footballer car Kano, Nigeria [511]
José Uribe 1959 2006 47 years Dominican baseball player car Juan Baron, Palenque, Dominican Republic
Javier Urruticoechea 1952 2001 49 years Spanish footballer (goalkeeper) car Mercedes-Benz B-20 or Ronda de Dalt, Barcelona, Spain Impacted central barrier between exits 14 and 15.


Name Birth Death Aged Nationality Notability Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
Vivian Vachon 1944 1991 47 years Canadian professional wrestler car near Montreal, Quebec, Canada Her daughter, a passenger in Vachon's vehicle, also died in the crash.
Luis Valbuena 1985 2018 33 years Venezuelan baseball player (infielder) car (passenger) Yaracuy, Venezuela The car he was riding in hit a fallen rock and went off the road. Fellow baseball player José Castillo died in the same incident.[512]
Dickie Valentine 1929 1971 41 years British singer car Hillman Avenger Glangrwyney, near Crickhowell, Wales, United Kingdom [513]
Johnny Valiant 1946 2018 71 years American professional wrestler pedestrian Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Hit by a pickup truck.[514]
Jorma Valkama 1928 1962 34 years Finnish athlete car Volkswagen Beetle Hollola, Päijät-Häme, Finland His car collided with a van.[515][better source needed]
Edy Vásquez 1983 2007 23 years Honduran footballer car Tegucigalpa, Honduras His car collided with a wall.
Ivo Van Damme 1954 1976 22 years Belgian middle-distance runner car Marseille, France Van Damme was on his way home from a training camp in the south of France. For an unknown reason, his car crossed the median of the highway and collided head-on with an oncoming vehicle on the other road.[516]
Dušan Velič 1966 2023 56 years Slovak chemist and politician motorcycle Bratislava, Slovakia While riding his motorbike, Velič crashed into a car that had entered the road from an adjected parking lot.
Michael Ventris 1922 1956 34 years British the decipherer of Linear B car Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom
Yordano Ventura 1991 2017 25 years Dominican baseball player SUV Jeep Wrangler Juan Adrián, Dominican Republic [517]
Krisztián Veréb 1977 2020 43 years Hungarian Olympic sprint canoer motorcycle Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Jerzy Vetulani 1936 2017 81 years Polish neuroscientist pedestrian Balicka Street, Kraków, Poland While walking home from work, Vetulani was hit by a car at a pedestrian crossing. He was put into an induced coma and died on April 6, 2017, in the hospital.[518][519][520]
Emili Vicente 1965 2017 52 years Spanish footballer motorcycle Canòlic, Andorra [521]
Sanchari Vijay 1983 2021 37 years Indian actor motorcycle Bengaluru, India
Lars Vilks 1946 2021 75 years Swedish visual artist car (passenger) Markaryd, Sweden Vilks was traveling to Stocksund, Sweden in an unmarked police car when it crashed into a truck and burst into flames. The collision killed Vilks and the two police officers.
Ondřej Voříšek 1986 2004 18 years Czech footballer car Uherský Ostroh, Czech Republic [522]
Gordon Voss 1938 2017 79 years American politician car Wayzata, Minnesota [523]
Martin Vosseler 1948 2019 71 years Swiss co-founder of PSR bicycle Basel, Switzerland Struck by a truck.


Name Birth Death Aged Nationality Notability Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
Doreen Waddell 1965 2002 36 years British singer for Soul II Soul pedestrian Shoreham-By-Sea, West Sussex, England, United Kingdom She was hit by three vehicles as she fled from a store in suspicion of shoplifting.
Roland Charles Wagner 1960 2012 51 years French writer car Bab El Oued, Algeria [524]
Sean Wainui 1995 2021 25 years New Zealander rugby union player car near Tauranga, New Zealand He hit a tree.
Kōji Wakamatsu 1936 2012 76 years Japanese film director pedestrian Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan Wakamatsu was struck by a taxi in Tokyo on October 12, 2012, and died five days later.[525]
Collin Walcott 1945 1984 39 years American jazz musician bus Magdeburg, Germany
Andreas Waldherr 1968 2011 43 years Austrian rally driver car Volkswagen Polo Aspang-Markt, Austria [526]
Billy Walker 1929 2006 77 years American country music singer tour van Interstate 65, Fort Deposit, Alabama Three passengers in Walker's vehicle – his wife, Bettie, and two members of his band – were also killed. A fourth passenger survived with serious injuries.[527]
Paul Walker 1973 2013 40 years American actor car (passenger) Porsche Carrera GT Rye Canyon Loop, Santa Clarita, California The driver, Roger Rodas, was also killed in the single-car crash. The vehicle caught fire and the bodies initially couldn't be identified.[528]
Tray Walker 1992 2016 23 years American football player (cornerback) dirt bike Liberty City, Florida [529]
Jackie Walorski 1963 2022 58 years American politician car Nappanee, Indiana [530]
Wang Donglei 1985 2008 23 years Chinese footballer car Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
Wang Kenan 1980 2013 33 years Chinese diver car Tianjin, China [531]
Wang You-theng 1927 2016 89 years Taiwanese entrepreneur car West Covina, California [532]
Chris von Wangenheim 1942 1981 39 years German fashion photographer car Saint Martin
Pedrie Wannenburg 1981 2022 41 years South African rugby union player car Houston, Texas Was hit by a vehicle driven by a 16-year-old fleeing a car chase in Houston. Pedrie and his son were airlifted to hospital while his wife and daughter did not suffer major injury.[533]
Mary Ward 1827 1869 42 years Irish scientist steam carriage (passenger) experimental Parsontown, Ireland Thought to be the world's earliest road fatality.
Barbara Warren 1943 2008 65 years American triathlete bicycle Santa Barbara, California [534]
Marco Warren 1993 2023 29 years Bermudian footballer pedestrian Bermuda Was a victim of a hit-and-run collision.
Marjory Warren 1897 1960 62 years British geriatric care pioneer car France Died in a car crash on her way to a conference in Germany.
Jarmo Wasama 1943 1966 22 years Finnish ice hockey player car Kaleva, Pirkanmaa, Finland Collided with a tractor.[535][better source needed]
Fred Washington 1967 1990 23 years American football player (defensive tackle) car Lake Forest, Illinois
John L. Wasserman 1938 1979 40 years American columnist car South San Francisco, California
Doug Watkins 1934 1962 27 years American jazz musician (double bass) car Holbrook, Arizona
Ellen Watters 1988 2016 28 years Canadian cyclist bicycle car Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada [536][537][538]
David Wayne 1958 2005 47 years American heavy metal singer (Metal Church and Reverend) car Tacoma, Washington
Thomas Wayne 1940 1971 31 years American rockabilly singer car Memphis, Tennessee
Daniel Webb 1989 2017 28 years American baseball player ATV Waverly, Tennessee [539]
Dottie West 1932 1991 58 years American country music singer car Briley Parkway, Nashville, Tennessee While being driven to the Grand Ole Opry by a friend, and running late, she urged him to speed. The driver missed a turn and the car left the road. West was gravely injured and died five days later.
Grete Weiser 1903 1970 67 years German actress car Bad Tölz, Germany Head-on collision with a truck.
Clayton Weishuhn 1959 2022 62 years American football player car Texas Weishuhn was ejected from his vehicle and died after a one vehicle roll-over crash.
Nathanael West 1903 1940 37 years American writer car El Centro, California He and his wife were returning home from a hunting trip in Mexico when the collision occurred.
Clarence White 1944 1973 29 years Canadian-American musician; Byrds' guitarist Palmdale, California Struck by a drunk driver while White and his brother Roland were loading musical equipment into their car.
Marjorie White 1904 1935 31 years Canadian actress car (passenger) Santa Monica, California White was a passenger in a car, when it sideswiped another vehicle. The vehicle overturned and she died of injuries the next day.
Mark Whittow 1957 2017 60 years British archaeologist car Oxfordshire, England, United [540]
Hyacinth Wijeratne 1946 2021 74 years Sri Lankan actress van Lindula, Sri Lanka
Bluey Wilkinson 1911 1940 28 years Australian motorcycle speedway rider motorcycle Sydney, Australia
Clarence Williams 1975 2022 47 years American football player Crescent City, Florida
Denny Williams 1896 1929 32 years American baseball player car San Clemente, California Denny was returning home from spring training when the fatal car crash occurred.
Susan L. Williams 1951 2018 66 years American marine biologist car Petaluma, California
Quentin Williams 1983 2023 39 years American politician car Route 9 in Cromwell, Connecticut While driving late at night on Route 9 in Cromwell, Quentin was supposedly hit head on by another vehicle driving down the wrong way of the highway. He was one of two killed in the crash. Williams had just been sworn in for his third term in office as a state representative.
Treat Williams 1951 2023 71 years American actor motorcycle 1986 Honda VT700C near Dorset, Vermont
Whayne Wilson 1975 2005 29 years Costa Rican footballer car San José, Costa Rica Collided with a truck and died four days later in the hospital.
Carol Willis 1951 1971 20 years American Playboy Playmate car Laguna Beach, California [111]
Shahdon Winchester 1992 2019 27 years Trinidadian Footballer car Gasparillo, Trinidad and Tobago
Gustav Winckler 1925 1979 53 years Danish singer and composer car Viborg, Denmark
Jorn Winther 2018 88 years Danish-American director car
Wiris Gustavo de Oliveira 2000 2023 23 years Brazilian footballer car Lima Duarte, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Bob Wollek 1943 2001 57 years French race car driver bicycle U.S. Route 98, Florida Collided with a van.[541][542]
Christopher Worrell 1954 1977 23 years Australian serial killer (Truro Murders) car Truro, South Australia, Australia While abducting a woman named Deborah Skuse, Worrell was driving to Adelaide. The car blew a tire and rolled over several times, killing Skuse and Worrell.
Freda Wright-Sorce 1955 2005 50 years American radio personality car Ocean City, Maryland She died as a result of injuries sustained in an automobile crash on Maryland Route 90.[543]
Wu Jianmin 1939 2016 77 years Chinese diplomat car Wuhan, China [544]
Rolf Wütherich 1927 1981 53 years German James Dean's passenger during his fatal crash car Honda Civic Kupferzell, Germany Was DUI when he fatally crashed.
N. C. Wyeth 1882 1945 62 years American artist and illustrator car Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania Wyeth and his grandson died in a collision at a railway crossing near his Chadds Ford home.
Charles Wyly 1933 2011 77 years American Businessman car Porsche Targa Near Aspen, Colorado Wyly was turning onto a highway near the local airport when his Porsche was hit by a SUV according to the Colorado State Highway Patrol.
Khalid Shameem Wynne 1953 2017 64 years Pakistani military officer car SUV Chakri, Punjab, India [545]


Name Birth Death Aged Nationality Notability Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
Saksham Yadav 1989 2018 28 years Indian powerlifter car Suzuki Dzire Delhi–Panipat Highway [546]
Hiromi Yanagihara 1979 1999 19 years Japanese Country Musume singer car Nakasatsunai, Hokkaido, Japan Yanagihara was killed in a car crash one week before the group Hello! Project's first release, Futari no Hokkaidou.
Mikhail Yeremin 1968 1991 23 years Soviet footballer car Zelenograd, Russia (formal part of Soviet Union)
Yevhen Yevseyev 1987 2011 24 years Ukrainian football car Kalush, Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, Ukraine
Gunpei Yokoi 1941 1997 56 years Japanese Nintendo executive stationary Nomi, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan He was in a car driven by his associate Etsuo Kiso, when the car rear-ended a truck. They got out to inspect the damage, and Yokoi was hit and fatally injured by a passing car.
B. J. Young 1977 2005 28 years American ice hockey player car Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada [547]
Buddy Young 1926 1983 57 years American football player car Terrell, Texas Young lost control of his car, which came to rest in a creekbed about 300 feet (90 m) off Interstate Highway 20.[548]
Cliff Young 1964 1993 29 years American baseball pitcher car Montgomery County, Texas He went off the road and hit a tree, dying instantly.
Galen Young 1975 2021 45 years American basketball player stationary Memphis, Tennessee He was staying at his mother's house when a car crashed through the wall and into the room where he was. He was found dead under the debris.


Name Birth Death Aged Nationality Notability Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
Serhiy Zakarlyuka 1976 2014 38 years Ukrainian footballer car Poltava, Ukraine The crash injured a teammate who was a passenger.
Călin Zanc 1971 2014 43 years Romanian footballer car Jichișu de Jos, Romania He lost control and crashed into a fence.
Giacomo Zani 1932 2021 89 years Italian conductor and musicologist car Subaru Casalmaggiore, Italy He lost control and crashed into a lamppost.
Jeffrey Zaslow 1958 2012 53 years American author and journalist car Warner Township, Michigan [549]
Anatoliy Zayaev 1931 2012 81 years Ukrainian football and coach car Honda CR-V Melitopol, Ukraine [550]
Eric Zentner 1981 2011 30 years American fashion model car Buellton, Santa Barbara County Died as the result of a hit and run incident.[551]
Hicham Zerouali 1977 2004 27 years Moroccan footballer car Rabat, Morocco [552]
Aleksandr Zhirov 1958 1983 24 years Russian alpine skier car near Yakhroma, Moscow Oblast, Russia [553]
Claudia Zobel 1964 1984 19 years Filipina actress car Makati, Philippines [554]
Vano Zodelava 1957 2019 61 years Georgian politician car Tbilisi, Soviet Union [555]

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