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The founder of Wikipedism

Wikipedia (singular is Wikipedium) are people who believe in the religion of Wikipedism.


Wikipedism was founded by Jimbo I in 2235.


There are two sects: Todoism and WikiProtestantism. In World War V, Todos supported George William Bush III, while WikiProtestants supported George Walker Bush XIV.

The conquest of the Wikipedian Empire[edit]

This religion was terminated in termination with Wikipedia's BJAODN policy.

Please see this article's entry on the Votes for Terminations page for voting and religious debate on the matter.

Please do not remove or deface this notice or blank, merge, or move this article while the discussion is in progress. However, you are welcome to terminate this religion and to shrink BJAODN. For more information, read the Guide to Votes for Termination.