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User:Improv (started)[edit]

This user seems to have been predominantly active on marking articles for deletion and cleanup since the 10th of September 2004. He has reverted many edits by Chuck F.

This account is not in the top 1000 wikipedians by number of edits, thus has made less than 1241 edits. This is because the account was renamed from Pgunn which made 1277 edits.

He started his present account on WP on 06:50, 28 Oct 2004. His previous username was Pgunn. He has been active in the latter guise since 2002, though he only made one edit that year. He made six the following year, then made many edits from April 2004 onwards. His previous account made 1277 edits. The list of edits by that account may be found here.

The edits by this account also seem predominantly focused on the votes for deletion page.



User:Librarian Brent[edit]







User:Raul654 (started)[edit]

Raul has made most of his contributions on non-article pages: 15129 vs 5994. Mr. Jones 11:14, 11 Dec 2004 (UTC)

User:Sam Spade (one reference; not started)[edit]

History not yet reviewed. See User:Spleeman/Sam_Spade for high(?)lights.


User:SPUI (started)[edit]

This user did a few obviously odd things back in October, but since has made apparently constructive contributions to articles about the transportation systems in and around Florida, and the history of the construction of Disneyworld.

He frequently (and for no aparent reason) makes references to the (probably imaginary) Gay Niggers Association of America, which has its origins in attempts to prevent Slashdot from operating effectively. Perhaps he likes people to groundlessly think of him as a bogeyman so that he can feel superior about their superficiality. Who knows?

He has notably often failed to use the preview button and has made many edits to the same article just a few minutes apart. This might be construed as an attempt to increase the number of edits made, either to make it harder to review his edit history and pick out bad edits, or perhaps to improve his position in the ranking by number of edits.

He has had little or no involvement in conflict resolution.

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